Student Funnel

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Student Funnel by Mind Map: Student Funnel

1. Current IT Trends

1.1. Learn SAP ABAP

1.2. Learn SAP PI

1.3. Learn Java

1.4. Learn SAP FICO

1.5. Learn SAP HR

1.6. Learn SAP

1.7. Learn Website Design

2. Emerging IT Trends

2.1. Learn AJAX

2.2. Learn BigData

2.3. Learn XML

2.4. Learn HTML5

2.5. Design HTML5 Mobile app

2.6. Learn SAP HANA

2.7. Learn Cloud Computing

2.8. Learn Google Glasses

3. Soft Skills

3.1. Present Yourself Online

3.2. Perk up your english skills

3.3. Tips for interviews

3.4. CV or Resume Template

4. Academic

4.1. Accounting

4.2. Others