WaDE Data Schema

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WaDE Data Schema by Mind Map: WaDE Data Schema

1. Organization

1.1. Organization Identifier

1.2. Organization Name

1.3. Purview Description

1.4. Contact Information

1.4.1. First Name

1.4.2. Middle Initial

1.4.3. Last Name

1.4.4. Title

1.4.5. Email

1.4.6. Phone Number

1.4.7. Phone Extension

1.4.8. Fax Number

1.4.9. Mailing Address Mailing Address Text Supplemental Address Text Mailing Address City Name Mailing Address State Code Mailing Address Country Code Mailing Address Zipcode

1.5. Report

1.5.1. Report Identifier

1.5.2. Reporting Date

1.5.3. Reporting Year

1.5.4. Report Name

1.5.5. Report Link

1.5.6. Year Type

1.5.7. Reporting Unit Reporting Unit Identifier Reporting Unit Name Reporting Unit Type Location State Code County Fips Code Hydrologic Unit Code Availability Summary Availability Type Fresh or Saline Source Type Name Availability Estimate Allocation Summary Allocation Use Water Use Summary Water Use Derived Water Supply Summary Derived Water Supply Type Regulatory Summary Regulatory Type

1.5.8. Report Details Water Allocation Allocation Identifier Allocation Owner Name Application Date Priority Date End Date Legal Status Code Detail Location Allocation Amount Diversion Consumptive Use Return Flow