How Does The Timeraiser Realize its Full Potential?

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How Does The Timeraiser Realize its Full Potential? by Mind Map: How Does The Timeraiser  Realize its Full Potential?

1. Increase Public Awareness

1.1. Traditional Media

1.2. Social Media

1.2.1. Focus on local blogs

1.3. Nonprofit Partnerships

1.4. Neighbourhood Campaigns

1.5. Direct Purchase from Galleries

2. Highly Leverage Donor Dollars

2.1. Increased investment to artists

2.1.1. From 250 piece of artwork/year to 500 Average artwork generated 75 hours & 75% completion rate Show case more artwork online and in person Cash flow considerations

2.2. Social Procurement strategy

2.2.1. Source of funding/point of differentiation

3. Timeraiser Plus

3.1. Technology integration

3.2. Technology Testing

3.3. 10 Game-changing partnerships

3.4. Continued Innovation

4. Super Engaged & Focused Team

4.1. Training for new members

4.2. Succession planning for long-standing staff & volunteers

4.3. Clear goals/rules of engagement

4.4. Solid recognition programming

4.4.1. Timely Awards

5. Action Learning Lens

5.1. What is working? ACCELERATE

5.1.1. Social Procurement

5.2. What is not working? STOP

5.2.1. Complicated workplans

5.2.2. Cash flow crunches

5.2.3. Low %of earned income

5.3. What are the emerging ideas? EVALUATE

5.3.1. digital skills gap

6. Scenarios

6.1. Scenario A: Status Quo

6.1.1. National appeal alternatives Geographically diversified staff Heavier emphasis on west coast media market

6.2. Scenario B: Fall & Spring

6.2.1. Transition seasons to days East vs West Maintain seasonal breakdown

6.3. Scenario C: Fall OR Spring

6.3.1. "Timeraiser Day" National exposure Media opportunities National sponsorship opportunities Participating Artist Exposure Agency Exposure Coordination with similar events National Volunteer Week Governor General's"Project Canada" Culture Days Cannexus

6.4. Scenario D: License Timeraisers

6.4.1. Timeraiser "i" Strengthen digital infrastructure of Timeraiser "i" Sub-domains "" Online resources for organizers License larger/most established cities Strengthen partnerships with community partners Ensure mission quality License smaller/newer cities Swifter expansion Arms length oversight Unique mission quality and deliverance issues