Youth and identity.

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Youth and identity. by Mind Map: Youth and identity.

1. You're in the Army now

1.1. Going from being a kid/teen to being a man.

1.1.1. "We receive your kid, and give you back a man"

1.2. How tough it is - Mentally and physically.

2. Shelly Robinson & James Coia

2.1. Difference between environment, and where you come from.

2.2. Social heritage.

3. The Amish

3.1. Living by certain rules.

3.2. The "rumspringa" (their chance to try living normally, and chose so, if they like to.)

3.3. Living like the old days.

4. Thirteen

4.1. A film about being way ahead of your age.

4.2. About taking drugs, drinking alcohol and having sex.

4.3. Trying of your boundaries.

5. Premature

5.1. About sex, love and trust.

5.2. About being premature, in this case for an instance having a baby early in life.

6. Love and life

6.1. About love and about life - choices and chances.

7. Is it love... or like... or lust?

7.1. How to know if what you're feeling is love or lust.

8. True love waits - You can say no (sex)

8.1. Demonstration about not having sex when being too young.