Marisa Thigpen

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Marisa Thigpen by Mind Map: Marisa Thigpen

1. Professional & Career

1.1. Communication Tools

1.1.1. Social Media Facebook Professional Staff Group Student Groups Office/Program Pages Event Pages Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

1.1.2. Listserves SECUSS-L Bay Area PIER Academic Senate Yahoo International Group NAFSA Region XII Listserve LinkedIn Groups & Digests

1.2. Professional Associations

1.2.1. NAFSA National

1.2.2. NAFSA Region XII

1.2.3. Lessons from Abroad National Advisory Board

1.3. Sonoma State

1.3.1. Programs CSU International Programs National Student Exchange International Student Programs

1.3.2. Committees Diversity Student Affairs International Education Advisory Group Recruitment Graduation

1.3.3. Campus Based Newspaper Website Academic Senate Unit 4 Union Water Cooler Talk National Representative Gilman Scholarship Fulbright Program NSEP Scholarship Boren Scholarship Outlook Email

1.3.4. Data Management Google Drive DropBox Campus Server Facebook Files

2. Personal

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Email

2.1.2. Facebook Personal

2.1.3. Phone

2.1.4. Text

2.1.5. Skype

2.1.6. Instagram

2.2. Entertainment

2.2.1. You Tube

2.2.2. Cable TV

2.2.3. Movies

2.2.4. Books

2.3. Social Life

2.3.1. Family

2.3.2. Friends

2.4. Finances

2.4.1. Bank of America BofA iPhone App BofA website

2.4.2. Credit Cards BofA AMEX

2.5. Health & Mental Wellness

2.5.1. Yoga Bikram Ashtanga Ashtanga

2.5.2. Dating OkCupid (app & website) Let's Date (app) through friends

2.5.3. Fitness personal trainer group classes self-directed

2.5.4. Team Sports softball

2.5.5. Socializing hiking meals traveling dancing hosting events attending events

2.5.6. Music Pandora Recommendations Live Music

2.5.7. Food Books Recommendations Groupon

3. ITEC / Grad School

3.1. Classes

3.1.1. ITEC 830

3.1.2. ITEC 715

3.2. Websites

3.2.1. Bookmarked

3.2.2. Suggested

3.2.3. Referenced

3.3. Technical Tools

3.3.1. Software Photoshop FinalCut Pro Adobe Acrobat Professional Microsoft Office Suite Adobe Creative Suite

3.3.2. Hardware Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 iPhone Dell Laptop Mac Desktop

3.3.3. Cloud Based File Management Google Drive Drop Box