Warner Music Group

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Warner Music Group by Mind Map: Warner Music Group

1. Digital Department

1.1. Project management of artist sites, web applications, mobile-based products, banners and other viral tools

1.2. Create web based promotional tools.

1.3. Create promotional material, such as banner ads, for placement on crucial third-party web sites

1.4. Manage the distribution of approved media internally and to third parties.

1.5. Organize internal assets including images, and audio and video assets, for department use.

2. Accounting (Distribution) Department

2.1. Manage the monthly close processes for Distribution including financial statement preparation and analyses, general ledger maintenance, journal entry and reconciliation review, etc.

2.2. Work with the staff to prepare supplemental and supporting schedules related to the external audit/review of the financial statements

2.3. Maintain real time schedules of statements status

2.4. Facilitate overall close process (reconciliations, sweeps, transfers, maintenance of participation, P&D and merch liabilities, journal entries, accruals, close schedules, etc.)

2.5. Read and comprehend third party contracts and create corresponding statements and schedules

3. Business Development Department

3.1. Identify and pursue business opportunities around upcoming artist tours

3.2. Track and report on the developing business value and timing

3.3. Contribute new ideas and thinking around business and revenue models

3.4. Contribute to the on-going development and refinement of Company’s vision and strategy

3.5. Impact the profitability of the company by adhering to margin requirements and other deal parameters

3.6. Liaise with other executive heads on the implementation of the company’s strategic and operational plans

4. Marketing Department

4.1. Develop and execute frontline album release marketing plans with a concentration on consumer-driven marketing.

4.2. Coordinate all label departments’ (interactive marketing, publicity, video production and promotion, art, lifestyle marketing, radio promotion, merch and e-commerce, licensing, brand partnerships, international, tour marketing, sales, etc.) efforts leading up to, and throughout, album releases to ensure proper execution of overall marketing plan objectives.

4.3. Oversee the creation and timely delivery of all production elements and tools required for album releases.

4.4. Develop/maintain artist’s schedules and calendars to build a successful marketing campaign.

4.5. Secure strategic marketing placements and opportunities with outside corporate and entertainment partners.

5. Human Resources Department

5.1. Manage on-line recruitment and execution of all postings.

5.2. Applicant Screening

5.3. Enrollment staff changes

5.4. Handle employee benefits

5.5. Employee training.