Cyberwellness DED137-TG3

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Cyberwellness DED137-TG3 by Mind Map: Cyberwellness DED137-TG3

1. Why we need it

1.1. Healthy culture

1.2. Worry-free connection

1.3. Promoting Social Responsibility

1.4. Positive technological development for user practices

1.5. Improve communication

1.6. To create a stress-free environment

1.7. for internet users to understand the risks of harmful online behaviors

1.8. create awareness on how to protect themselves from harmful internet behaviors of others

1.9. To protect the social environment

2. Definition

2.1. Behaving

2.1.1. Respectfully

2.1.2. Rationally

2.1.3. Responsibly

2.2. Alert to scams

2.3. Security Online

2.3.1. Set passwords to prevent others from hacking.

2.3.2. Do not give out credit card information to people.

2.3.3. Protect your wireless.

2.3.4. Do not give out your personal details in frontpages eg. Facebook, Friendster, MySpace.

2.3.5. Clear your computer cache after an activity such as online banking

2.3.6. Ensure that anti-virus software is intalled and up to date.

2.4. Psychological and emotional well being

2.5. holistic use of cyberspace

2.6. Understand the risk of harmful behavior

2.7. positive well-being of internet users

3. Organisational Bodies

3.1. function

3.1.1. To monitor the cyberwellness activities

3.2. types

3.2.1. Media Development Authority (MDA) Handles piracy

3.2.2. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

3.2.3. TOUCH community services Handles awareness and provide talks to youths MCYS

4. Disadvantages

4.1. Infedility- Exchanging inappropriate emails, pictures and informations

5. Educate youth on the potential risks in cyberspace

6. Implications

6.1. Parents, siblings (Family)

6.2. Introvert

6.3. School Counsellors, Social workers

6.4. Lack of time management

6.5. Fellow friends

6.6. bgR, Homosexual/ Heterosexual relationships

6.6.1. LDR

6.7. Technological enhanced corporation

6.8. Education

6.8.1. Teachers and lecturers

6.9. reduced human interaction

7. Concepts (Disadvantage)

7.1. cyberbullying

7.1.1. Insulting people in blogs or msn

7.1.2. Blackmailing. E.g Edison Chen Sex blogs

7.2. spamming

7.2.1. viruses Through MSN and emails with attached links.

7.2.2. online scams Through Email eg. Congratulations, you've won 10trillion dong in the Vietnam Toto Draw.

7.3. parent control

7.3.1. pornography

7.3.2. violence

7.4. copyright issues

7.4.1. piracy illegal downloads

7.4.2. plagiarism Photocopying textbooks wholesale Copying from fellow classmates, handing in as your own own work

7.4.3. Credit Card Fraud- Illegal usage

7.4.4. Identity Abuse

8. Advantages

8.1. good time management

8.2. Access to information online

8.3. Provide people with easy access to up-to-date information on different issues

8.4. Inculcate values of respect and responsibility

8.5. No restrictions to the value and place of use, can be used anytime and anywhere as long as there's wireless connection to the internet.

9. Values

9.1. Security

9.1.1. Good Judgement Skills (Chat)

9.2. Balanced Lifestyle

9.2.1. Internet Addictions

9.2.2. Isolation

9.3. Respect and Responsibilities

9.3.1. Spamming

9.3.2. Cyberbullying