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Information Services - Technical Services by Mind Map: Information Services - Technical
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Information Services - Technical Services

Information Management

Information Governance and Compliance

Data Protection, Data Protection Webpages, Data Protection Principles, Accessing Your Information, Rights under the Act, Notification with the Information Commissioner, University Policies and Procedures, FAQs

Freedom of Information, Link to Freedom of Information page

Records Management, Records Management Pages, Records Management Policy, PDF, Records Management Guidance, Managing Information and Records - Guidance for Staff v1.0, PDF, RM Guidance 1 Creating Records, PDF, RM Guidance 2 Naming Records, PDF, RM Guidance 3 Version Control, PDF, RM Guidance 4 Filing Records, PDF, RM Guidance 5 Email Management, PDF, RM Guidance 6 Information Security, PDF, RM Guidance 7 Determining if Information is Confidential, PDF, RM Guidance 8 Storing Records, PDF, RM Guidance 9 Records Retention and Disposal, PDF, RM Guidance 10 Managing Information and Records Top Ten Key Points, PDF, Records Retention, JISC link, University Records Centre, Read more about the Records Centre and how to transfer records, Storing Records in the University Records Centre, PDF, Records Transfer List, DOC

Copyright, Legal Information, What is copyright?, How long does copyright last?, When is it ok to use copyright material?, Licences Available, CLA Licence, Link to Scanning Service for E-learning at Strathclyde Page, within Library and Information Resources, Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA), Educational Recording Agency (ERA), Ordinance Survey (OS), TV licensing Agency, Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) 2002 (CVIP), Bad link to Scanning Service,, 404 to Student Experience and Enhancement Service, RNIB, Sound Recordings,, Copyright Ownership, Students Copyright Ownership,, Staff Copyright Ownership,, How do I obtain permission to use copyright material?, Link to Licences Available Page,, Digital Thesis Submission, Access Restrictions, Copyright issues, Legal issues, Copyright ownership, University policies, Exceptions, Permissions, Seeking permission, Permission granted, Permission not granted, Restricting Access, Restricting access, Complete moratorium, Moratorium Request PDF, Digital restrictions, Freedom of Infromation Act, Link to SIC website, Link to Freedom of Information Dept Page, Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations, Link to Environmental Information Page, EIR exemptions available from Scottish Statutory Instrument 2004 No.520, File Format, PDF format, Security settings, Single or multiple files, Incorporating files, Naming files, Associated files, File size,, Thesis Submission, Thesis submission, Essential checks, Online Availability, Link to SUPrimo, Link to Digitool, Help,, Help,, Copyright in Recording Lectures, Link to Video Services Page, Link to Copyright Ownership Page, JISC Legal recording lectures : legal considerations, JISC Legal recording lectures and screencasts webcasts, Copyright and e-learning, Electronic Library Services, Broken link to Library website, Using material from a website, Using extracts from printed resources, Link to Licenses Available Page, Using videos or sound clips, Link to Licenses Available Page,, Turnitin, Link to Turnitin Support Page on My Place, Link to Turnitin Training Centre,, Link to Copyright Ownership Page, Further Help and Advice,, Good Tips, Useful Links, Link to The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998, Link to Intellectual Property Office, Link to JISC Legal, Bad link to JISC Digital Media, Link to Creative Commons, Copyright compliance for staff, Link to Information Security, in Staff pages, Link to Information Governance and Compliance Page, Link to Copyright Licensing Agency, Link to Scanning Service for E-learning at Strathclyde,,

Contact Us,,,

Useful Resources, Information Commissioner's Office, Scottish Information Commissioner, JISC Legal, Intellectual Property Office

Freedom of Information

FAQ, Link to Data Protection Page

Publication Scheme, Universities Scotland Model Publication Scheme, PDF, Publication Scheme 2012, PDF, Publicly-owned companies - publication schemes, OSIC's website, Publication Scheme - Strathclyde University Incubator Ltd., PDF, Publication Scheme - Haleno Ltd., PDF, Publication Scheme - Strathclyde Graduate Business School, PDF, Publication Scheme - University of Strathclyde Properties Ltd., PDF, FOI Request Form, PFD, RTF, Feedback,

Requesting Information, Link to Data Protection Page,, Link to Publication Scheme Page, Freedom of Information Office,

Leaflet for Staff, Freedom of Information - Staff Leaflet, PDF, FOI staff leaflet - mono version, PDF

Environmental Information, Link to Scottish Government Descriptors, Link to exceptions,, Scottish Information Commissioner - The Law, Scottish Information Commissioner - Fees Regulations, Scottish Government: Section 62 Code of Practice, Scottish Government: Guidance, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs,

Link to Records Management Page

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Infrastructure @ Strathclyde We manage a wide range of networking and infrastructure services on campus. Our responsibilities include: All of the hardware - routers, switches and cabling - which make up the network Many of the 'invisible' services which run over that network maintenance and technical support within teaching rooms Video services including capture, editing and live streaming The networking infrastructure currently covers virtually all buildings on both the John Anderson and Jordanhill sites - the two campuses are linked by private fibre optic circuits. Our connection to the outside world is provided via ClydeNET and JANET, the regional and national academic networks.

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Link to Information Governance and Compliance Page