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Information Services - Technical Services by Mind Map: Information Services - Technical Services
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Information Services - Technical Services

Information Management

Information Governance and Compliance

Freedom of Information

Archives and Special Collections

IT and Technical Services

Business Systems

Development and innovation


Infrastructure @ Strathclyde We manage a wide range of networking and infrastructure services on campus. Our responsibilities include: All of the hardware - routers, switches and cabling - which make up the network Many of the 'invisible' services which run over that network maintenance and technical support within teaching rooms Video services including capture, editing and live streaming The networking infrastructure currently covers virtually all buildings on both the John Anderson and Jordanhill sites - the two campuses are linked by private fibre optic circuits. Our connection to the outside world is provided via ClydeNET and JANET, the regional and national academic networks.

IT Helpdesk

IT Policy

IT Sales and Software

Learning Space Support


Labs and Teaching Support

Learning Technology Enhancement (LTE)

My Online Resources



Site Licensed Software

PC Upgrades

Temporary PC Provision

Video Services


Find a free PC on campus

Room Facilities Search

ICT Law and Compliance