Could Hitler have been Stopped?

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Could Hitler have been Stopped? by Mind Map: Could Hitler have been Stopped?

1. 1938 Munich Conference

1.1. Leaders who attended - Chamberlain, Daladier, Mussolini, Hitler

1.1.1. Britain and France make a deal with Hitler. He can take Sudetenland as long as he promises not to invade another country

1.2. Unification of the German speaking people

2. 1939 - Invasion of Danzig (Poland)

2.1. 500, 000 French soldiers Vs. 200, 000

2.1.1. One rifle per two soldiers.

2.1.2. 10 bullets per soldier in a locked box.

2.1.3. Outdated equipment (trucks had solid rubber tires)

2.1.4. Spend two years behind the Maginot line to prepare for one.

3. 1938 - Anschluss

3.1. 1934 Failed Nazi coup in Austria

3.1.1. Mussolini helps stop the coup - Italy is against Hitler

3.2. 1935 - Italy, Britain and France - Stresa Agreement - Stop Hitler.

3.2.1. 1935 - Italian Invasion of Abyssinia. League Sanctions against Italy. Rome-Berlin Axis: Germany and Italy are now allies.

3.2.2. 1935 Britain signs Naval agreement with Hitler allowing Germany a navy 35% of Britain's This upsets Italy

4. Re-militarisation of the Rhineland

4.1. 30, 000 soldiers of which 3, 000 crossed the river.

4.1.1. Retreat if challenged

4.1.2. French intelligence thought the Germans had 295, 000 men.

4.1.3. Britain thinks the treaty is too harsh and so they should be allowed to have the Rhineland. Germany could have been stopped if France had showed greater leadership.

5. Increased German Army and creation of the Luftwaffe

5.1. 500, 000 soldiers which breaks the treaty of Versailles

5.2. Air-force is created under General Goring - 1, 000 plans.

5.2.1. British and French Military is not prepared for war.

5.2.2. Britain fears Communism more

5.2.3. Chamberlain - remembers the war dead of WW1 - He is an appeaser

5.3. 1935 - Bilateral naval agreement. German is allowed a navy at least one third the size of the British one.