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(thetable.translation.*) by Mind Map: (thetable.translation.*)
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Definition (root record)


RP+, RP (true)

RP- (false)

Every definition tag gets the attribute parsed and removed from the end. If present, the replaceDefinition="" attr is added to the token, regardless of type.

Tags that support child elements. Only opening tags are shown, but closing tags are translated with the same attributes.

<infobase-meta type=\"header\">, <HE>

<infobase-meta type=\"footer\">, <FO>

<infobase-meta type=\"author\">, <AU>

<infobase-meta type=\"abstract\">, <AS>

<infobase-meta type=\"remark\">, <RM>

<infobase-meta type=\"subject\">, <SU>

Ditto for all closing tags. (</SU>, </RM>, </AS>, </AU>, </FO>, </HE>

Generate codes. These can only be used inside these tags., <!-- GP|GT|GD|GM|GI|GA|GF|GQ -->, <GP|GT|GD|GM|GI|GA|GF|GQ>, Generate page number, current time, date, last modified, title, author, filename, current query.

Most support all child "Document" elements. Except records..

Self-closing tags

<infobase-meta type=\"revision-date\" content="revision date" />, <RE:"revision date">

<infobase-meta type="title" content="infobase title" />, <TT:"Infobase title">

<infobase-meta type=\"version\" data="Folio" filetype="FFF|DEF" version="X.X.X" />, <VI:Folio, File Type, Version Number>

<infobase-meta type=\"levels\" content="Book,Section,Chapter,Heading 1,Heading 2,Heading 3" />, <LN:Book,Section,Chapter,"Heading 1","Heading 2","Heading 3">

style-def, <style-def type="highlighter" class="highlighter name" style="css" />, <PD:"highlighter name",OPTS..>, <style-def type="level" class="level name" style="css" />, <LE:"level name",OPTS...>, <style-def type="paragraph" class="style name" style="css" />, <PA:"paragraph style name", OPTS...>, <style-def type="character-style" class="style name" style="css" />, <ST:CS,"character style name",OPTS...>, <style-def type="link" class="style name" style="css" />, <ST:LK:"link style name",OPTS...>, <style-def type="field" class="field name" fieldType="text|date|time|integer|decimal" [format="field format"] [indexOptions="TF,|PF,|TE,|NO,|PR,|DT,|FP,|SW", style="" />, <FE:"field name", Field Type (TX|DT|TM|IR|FP), [ "Field Format" ], [ IX:Index Options (multiple allowed, comma-delim) ], OPTS...>

<object-def name="object name" src="path" type="folio|data-link|ole|class-object" [ handler="Bitmap|Metafile|HyperGraphics|Picture" mime="mime-type" | version="2.0" | className="class name" ] [OLE options: linked="true" iconOnly="true"] />, <OD:FO:"Object name", Object Handler, "File Name>, <OD:DL,"Object name", "MIME type", "File Name">, <OD:OL,"Object name", Version,"File Name", LI, IC>, <OD:CL:"Object name", Class Name, "File Name">

<!-- HL|QT|RC|WP|TP -->

Hit list, Query Template, Reconcile Shadow File, Wallpaper, Title Page

HL|QT|RC|WP|TP (options not shown, but there are many for each)

Named Popup Definitions

<namedPopup title="title" [ width="x" height="y ] >, <DP:"Title",[x,y]>




Record & record-level tags

<record [recordId="recordId" customHeading="true" level="level type" class="level type" ]>, <RD:[ID,{recordId}],[CH],[{level type}]>

<record-attribute groups="group" />, <GR:"group">

<record-attribute level="level" class="level" />, <LV:"level">

</span type="recordHeading">, <EH>

<span type="recordHeading">, <BH>

Popups, Notes, Named popups

<popupLink [ title="title" width="x" height="y" ] >, <PW:["Title",x,y]>

<note [ title="title" width="x" height="y" ] >, <NT:["Title",x,y]>

<end-popup-contents/>, <LT>

NOTE: Folio Views has an export bug, which sometimes merges following tags into the popup/note. These are placed in the extraTags="" attribute.

</note>, </NT>

</popupLink>, </PW>

Named Popups are Definition tags


<paragraph-attribute style="css pairs" />, AP|BP|JU|BR|KT|KN|LH|LS|LW|SD|TS|IN|KN|KT

<paragraph-attribute class="styleName" />, <PS:"Style">

<parabreak />, <HR>

<br />, <CR>

Character styles

<span type="bold|italic|hidden|strikeout|underline|condensed|outline|shadow|font-family|font-size|background-color|foreground-color|subsuperscript" style="css-equivalent">, BD, IT, HD, SO, UN, CD, OU, SH, FT, PT, BC, FC, SB, SP, SS

</span type="bold|italic|hidden|strikeout|underline|condensed|outline|shadow|font-family|font-size|background-color|foreground-color|subsuperscript">, Closing BD, IT, HD, SO, UN, CD, OU, SH, FT, PT, BC, FC, SB, SP, SS


<span type="field name" class="field name">, <FD:"field name">

</span type="field name">, </FD:"field name">

Character style applications

<span type="characterstyle" class="style name">, <CS:"style name">

</span type="characterstyle">, </CS>

Highlighter applications

<span type="highlighter" class="style name">, <PN:"style name">

</span type="highlighter">, </PN>

Folio entities

Character references, &#x97;, <CH:$97>, &#151;, <CH:151>

&#09;, <TB>

&nbsp;, <HS>

Bookmarks and Jump destinations

<bookmark name="bookmark name" />, <BK:"bookmark name">

<bookmark name="_jump destination" />, <JD:"jump destination">

Proximity tokens

<se />, <SE>

<pp />, <PP>


</table>, </TA>

</td>, </CE> (rare)

</tr>, </RO> (rare)

<table colWidths="4.3,5,3" cellspacing="0" style="looots of css">, <TA:3,4.3,5,3,[paragraph opts and more]> The first number is the column count. If 0, columns are auto-sized.

<td style="lots" [rowspan="x" colspan="y" columnIsHeader="true"] >, <CE:MD:x,MR,y,HC,SD:shade,BR...etc>

<tr [rowIsHeader="true"]>, <RO[:HE]>


<obj name="My Photo Name" type="folio|ole" style="width:x;height:y;border:opts;background-color:black;" />, <OB:FO|OL,width,height,SD:shadow,BR:bordder opts>




<link ... >, Finish docs

Printing tokens

<pagebreak />, <PB>


<!-- -->


Comments coming from folio are encoded. "--" is converted to -&#x002D


Text and < > ' " & <<

Special chars < > ' " & are encoded in the text, but not split into separate tokens. Don't know what is happing to <<. Make unit test

Use tab to create a child, enter for sibling. Del deletes.


<!-- <UX:user, info, etc> -->

<UX:user, info, etc>

<!-- <UL:user link info> -->

<UL:user link info>

<!-- </UL> -->