The climate and the vegetation of Europe

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The climate and the vegetation of Europe by Mind Map: The climate and the vegetation of Europe

1. The Warm Climates

1.1. Atlantic Climate

1.1.1. Is characteristic of all areas bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and central Europe. The temperature is warm in Summer.

1.2. Mediterranean Climate

1.2.1. Is characteristic of all the areas bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The temperatures are high in summer and soft in Winter.

1.3. Continental Climate

1.3.1. Is characteristic of the areas of the East of Europe. The temperatures are high in Summer and very low in Winter.

2. The Cold Climates

2.1. Polar Climate

2.1.1. It is found in northern Nordic countries and Russia. The polar climate is colder than Earth. Temperatures range of -50 ° C in winter and 10 º C in summer.

2.2. Mountain Climate

2.2.1. Located in the tops higher of all Continents. The temperatures are very low in Winter and fresh in Summer

3. The Vegetation of Europe

3.1. Vegetation in Warm areas

3.1.1. In ocean climate zones, meadows and forestsare form of deciduous trees. In the plains with poor soils only grow grash. Are the moors.

3.1.2. In mediterranean climate zonesmediterranean forest consist of evergreen trees.

3.1.3. In continental climate zones there are taiga. forests consist of evergreen trees. In poor soils only grow grass.

3.2. Vegetation in Cold Climate

3.2.1. There are small vegetation. Only in the less cold grow mosses, lichens and small shrubs. This vegetation is called tundra.