The lansdcapes of Europe and Spain

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The lansdcapes of Europe and Spain by Mind Map: The lansdcapes of Europe and Spain

1. The relief of Europe

1.1. The location of Europe

1.1.1. Europe is situated in the North hemisphere. Limits with the Arctic Ocean, on the east, to Asia, to the south, to the Mediterranean Sea and Asia, and by the Atlantic Ocean Westway

1.2. The plains and mountains of Europe

1.2.1. Plains The plains extend across the center and east of Europe, in central Europa is located the Great European Plain

1.2.2. Mountains The highest mountains are in the south bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and there are also low mountains

1.3. The coasts of Europe

1.3.1. Europe has many kilometers of coast examples the peninsulas the gulfs Rias and fjords the islands

2. climates and vegetation of Europe

2.1. temperate climates

2.1.1. Temperate climates are classified into: Ocean Climate This in areas lapped by the Atlantic Ocean and in the center of Europe Mediterranean climate This on the Mediterranean coast and in the interior, to the south Continental climate This in areas of eastern Europe

2.2. Cold Climates

2.2.1. Cold climates are classified into: Polar climate It is located in the Nordic countries and Russia Mountain climate It is in the highest peaks of Europe

2.3. The vegetation of Europe

2.3.1. The vegetation in temperate There are 3 types Oceanic climate zones Mediterranean climate zones Continental climate zones

2.3.2. The vegetation in cold There is not much vegetation,only grow mosses, lichens and small shrubs, this is called tundra