The landscapes of Europe and Spain

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The landscapes of Europe and Spain by Mind Map: The landscapes of Europe and Spain

1. The relief of Europe

1.1. It has 2 types of relief:

1.1.1. Plane Europe has a very big plane. Its "The big european plane. In this plane there are very little mountains, his names its massif.

1.1.2. Mountains Systems The mountains of Europe are situated in the south part of Europe. Mountains like Pirinies, Alps, Escandinavian mountains, Urals mountains...

2. The climates and vegetation of Europe

2.1. There are 3 types of climate:

2.1.1. Oceanic Climate Grand part of Europa has this climate, the center of Europe. The temperatures are mild in summer, and the rainfall are all the year.

2.1.2. Mediterranean Climate There is in the coast of Europe, the temperatures are hot in summer and mild in winter. There isn't rainfall. In summer not rain.

2.1.3. Continental Climate In the east of Europe. The temperatures are very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

3. Rivers and lakes of Europe

3.1. There two types of Vegetation:

3.1.1. Vegetation with mild places It has 3 types of vegetation: Oceanic climate Mediterranean climate Continental climate

3.1.2. Vegetation with cold places

4. The Relief of Spain

4.1. Spain is one of the most largest countires in Europe, and has a lot of big mountain. It has two parts:º

4.1.1. The iberis peninsule relief. I the center of the central plateu there are a lot of mountains, and its has about 650 metres. There highers mountain are Pirinies and the Mulhacén.

4.1.2. The islands relief The Balears Islands are in the mediterranean ocean, and this islands don't have mountains, but in Mallorca there is a mountain with about 1000 metres. The Canaries Islands not are near of Europe, and it has a lot of mountains, for example. Teide has 3718 metres and is the big in Spain.

5. The climates and Vegetation of Spain

5.1. In Spain the climate is more hot than the other part of Europe. In Spain there are 5 types of climate:

5.1.1. Oceanic

5.1.2. Tipic Mediterranean

5.1.3. Inside Mediterranean

5.1.4. Subtropical

5.1.5. Mountain

6. Rivers and lakes of Spain

6.1. The rivers of Spain are shorts. There are 3 types of slope:

6.1.1. Mediterranean Slope

6.1.2. Atlantic Slope

6.1.3. Cantabric Slope