The climates and the vegetacion in Europe.

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The climates and the vegetacion in Europe. by Mind Map: The climates and the vegetacion in Europe.

1. The templered climated.

1.1. The climated in Europe there aren't very cold or very hot the climated of Europe is templered.There are 3 tipes of climates in Europe.

1.1.1. The Oceanic climated. Is caracterictic in all the zones who are bathed of the Arlantic Ocean and in the center of Eurpoe.

1.1.2. The Mediterranean climated. The Mediterranean climated are in all the coast bathed of the Mediterranean Sea and in some interior zones of Europe.

1.1.3. The Continental climated. Is caracterictic in the Est of Europe.

2. The vegetation in Europe.

2.1. Although that Europe is a smoll continent Europe haf landscepes with diferent vegetation.

2.1.1. Vegetation in templered zones. There are 3 tipes of the vegetationof the templered zones. Vegetation in the Oceanic Climated. Vegetation in the Mediterranean climated. Vegetation in the Continental climated.

2.1.2. Vegetation in cold zones. In the zones with polar climated there aren't haf meny vegetation.Only haf moss and some small trees.This vegetation is call tundra.

3. The cold climated.

3.1. The cold climated is localizated in a elevated latitud, There are 2 tipes of cold climates.

3.1.1. Polar climated. The Polar climated are localizated in the north of the Nordic Coninent and in Rusia.

3.1.2. Mountains climated. The Mountains climated are localizated in the most elevated mountains in all Europe.