Boxes for Kajte

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Boxes for Kajte by Mind Map: Boxes for Kajte

1. 1. The most important event in the story was when Rosie sent the first letter. 2. In the small Dutch town on Olst st. 3. Rosie , Katje, the mailman, The mom , and the townspeople. 4.Katje recieved packages from America. 5.People were suffering and people from America(Rosie) decided to help out.

2. 5. The event that helped me understand the main idea in the story was the very first letter Rosie had sent. It helped me understand what the people on Olst st. We're going through.

3. 3. It doesn't relate to my life.

4. 6. Yes, because without these people going through these problems, they probably wouldn't have been so appreciative.

5. 2.The message is how people suffered after the holocaust & how people lived and how only few people received things from America and this gives you the image of what happened to the people that didn't receive packages and letters from America.

6. 4.They didn't learn anything. Each any every person appreciated the luxuries sent from America.

7. "Now that is a luxury" . This shows that Katje appreciates what is being sent to her and that she really really needed it. It is a luxury because not everyone there has what Katje has received and only few children got packages from America.

8. Luxuries, America , Katje , "Now that is a luxury" , "Katje has another box from America"

9. The letters From America means that people is hearing about what Olst is going through and that people want to help.

10. I think it was kind of Rosie and her mom to send these things to Katje. They really needed those things and it was very useful to Katje and the Dutch town in the long run

11. Theme: General Questions . 1. Yes, the author is trying to show what life people had after the holocaust. This affected the people's lives on Olst st. And Many other lives. The author is trying to show what advantage Americans had , and tried to show what life others had and how they suffered. Even the small things Americans had sent were cherish able .