Faithful Elephants

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Faithful Elephants by Mind Map: Faithful Elephants

1. Personal thoughts and reactions

1.1. My personal thoughts are that it was sad how they had to starve the elephants. Animals are people to and they should be respected and survive like anyone else would during the war.

2. Theme bookmark

2.1. The characters in the story that go through a change are the three elephants. The are all killed so that is a change in life because they no longerhave it. I think that the character Johnis stronger in the inside than on theout because he is intelligent and loyal but is just and elephant. The character that I think is stronger on the outside than inside is the trainer because once he's sees the poor elephants he can't help but to try to save them and bursts into tears when they die.

3. Character bookmark

3.1. None of the characters in the book really show the trait of honestly. I was surprised by the actions of the trainer because he gave the elephants food when they were trying to starve them. A decision made by one of the characters is one by the owner of the zoo and that was to try to starve the elephants. I honestly do not agree with this decision. The protagonist of the story is the trainer. I know because he is telling the story and is one of the main characters.

4. Important statements

4.1. Oh Tonky! Oh Wanly! He dashed to the food shed.

4.1.1. The trainer did not want to see the elephants die and starve to death because Ethel have been good and loyal.

4.2. At, last Tonky and Wanly could no longer move.

4.2.1. After all the elephants had been through they are finally dieting from starvation because of someone being scared and cautious.

5. Key Words/ Phrases

5.1. Three elephants, zoo, war, bombs, poison, starve, die, monument

6. Important symbols and their meaning

6.1. Tombstone for animals

6.1.1. People should care about animals the same way they care for each other and animals should be cherished.

6.2. John being smart and not poisoned

6.2.1. Animals just about know their right and should be respected and can be smart and outsmart many.

6.3. The trainer bringing food

6.3.1. The elephants should not be starved and there will hopefully always be a good guy when things go bad.

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