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TVP Website by Mind Map: TVP Website

1. Main Menu

1.1. Home

1.2. Technology

1.2.1. City Systems (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.2. Cities in the Sea (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.3. Housing (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.4. Energy (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.5. Construction (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.6. Space (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.2.7. Transportation (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.3. Jacque Fresco

1.3.1. Resume (Article with Slideshow, Text & Video)

1.3.2. Interview (Article with Slideshow & Text

1.3.3. The Best That Money Cant Buy (Link to Store Item)

1.3.4. Future By Design (Link to Store Item)

1.3.5. Roxanne Meadows (Article with Slideshow & Text

1.4. Get Involved

1.4.1. Get Involved Menu (What can i do? Page) Supporter (Article with Images, Text & Video) Volunteer (Article with Images, Text & Video) Mentor (Article with Images, Text & Video) Linguistic Team international (Article with Text) TeamSpeak (Article with Images, Text & Video) Online Community > Jomsocial Community Menu

1.5. Learn

1.5.1. Media / Downloads (JDownloads or similar)

1.5.2. We Recommend (Article with Archive of Useful Links to Books, Audio, Video etc)

1.5.3. FAQ and Weekly Seminars (Embedded YouTube Channel TVPEducation)

1.5.4. TVPCommunity College (Categorised Video Library online courses in various relevant fields)

1.5.5. TVPUniversity (Guru or Similar)

1.5.6. Self Assessment Questionnaires on relevant subject matter (i.e monetary system etc)

1.6. Contact

1.6.1. Link to Contacts List

1.7. Tours

1.7.1. (Article with Images, Text, Video and Event Calendar)

1.8. Store

1.8.1. RokEcwid Store

1.9. Donate

1.9.1. Donate Menu (Nice Landing Page with information on TVP & The Research Center, Future By Design 501c3 NPO, and the projects. Donate to The Research Center Donate to our Non Profit 501c3