MiFare Incident References

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MiFare Incident References by Mind Map: MiFare Incident References

1. References and Links

1.1. cracked encryption on MiFare Classic RFID chip

1.1.1. In a statement, NXP later added that the MiFare Classic "is not used in banking, payment, nor automotive security applications anywhere in the world. The MiFare Classic is predominately used in automatic fare collection applications and access control applications."

1.2. CSO view

1.3. best summary of detail

1.3.1. Oyster cards

1.4. bruce again

1.5. arts

1.5.1. first

1.5.2. 2nd

1.5.3. art

1.5.4. next

1.5.5. n

1.6. sources

1.6.1. homepage of researcher breaks biassed shift register SaaS computation?

1.6.2. conference pdf

1.7. Holland

1.7.1. gov admits problems

1.7.2. TNO analysis said it was possible

1.8. the other team that broke it

1.9. interview