How to set up a campaign with TG and IC?

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How to set up a campaign with TG and IC? by Mind Map: How to set up a campaign with TG and IC?

1. Create a webpage with the embed web form from the campaign, or use the qr code on print material.

1.1. program the qr code to either go to a page with the short link or to initiate the text message

2. Create video (with keywords at the beginning, middle and end) and include bumper with instructions about the “Call to action” eg “text name and email”;

3. Create IC campaign and web form with “Call to action” to embed on your website or FB tab or landing page for stand-alone page;

4. Transcribe video into text to use as description/Article/Blog;

5. Via TG Video submit to all video sites at once. Via TG Article, to save time just submit to “Articlesnatch”(Submissions of the same article to more than one site is considered spam or duplicate content ), including transcription with “call to action” and link to the campaign webpage; (For TG Article submit, call to action and link must be in resource box, not in the article itself)

6. SAVE and MAKE GO;

7. Wait for YouTube to be submitted (5mins) then get embed code;

8. Via TG Blog (reuse TG template created above), re-use details used in the TG Article, include anchor text within text to website. Submit the same blog to all the TG Blogs, you don’t need to spin these, (before MAKE GO, make sure you ‘x’ our TG Video and TG Article so they don’t re-submit them);

9. Get people to view your YouTube video :) ;

10. Go to social media channels and post link to the video.