Twitter Hashtags by PF Anderson

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Twitter Hashtags by PF Anderson by Mind Map: Twitter Hashtags by PF Anderson

1. Stories

1.1. Twitter value ...

1.1.1. Can Twitter Save Lives? Demi Moore saves suicidal woman's life through Twitter

1.1.2. Japan doctors used Twitter to save patient lives after quake

1.1.3. Live from Social Media Week: How Twitter saved lives in Haiti

1.1.4. Saving Grandma with Twitter

1.1.5. Superstorm Sandy: Governors Use Twitter to Augment Life-Saving Efforts

1.2. Twitter uses ...

1.2.1. "RSS feed + Pandora"

1.2.2. "articles, transcripts, discussion"

1.2.3. "If UR going 2B unprofessional"

1.2.4. "I cite a resource found online or shared, or crowd-sourced Q&A"

1.2.5. "New to Twitter?"

2. Hashtags for YOUR events!

2.1. Choosing a tag

2.1.1. LUDDITE Length Keep it short But not too short Ideal length target Unique Not already used by others Not already used on Twitter, but also not used on Instagram or other platforms where tagging is popular Consider using tools to help browse & identify hashtags When to use one that is not unique? Distinct Beware of Especially not used to mean something completely different Be sure to check acronym directories as well as foreign language dictionaries Be especially cautious of tags that include real words, which are easily misinterpreted by unintended audiences Letters that look like other letters in lowercase Decipherable Will it be clear to the target audience or intended users what this tag means, what it represents, what it's intended purpose is? But while clear to your target audience, don't make it so obvious & intuitive that it attracts spammers & trolls Strategies Indelible Stickiness, memorable, will people remember what it means? Time Time issues around the event Time issues in selecting the tag Enterprise Associated with an organization? Departmental or unit identification? Are there branding guidelines for tags? Can you use or permute already existing tags for your organization?

2.2. Longer Tweet Tools

2.2.1. TmiMe

2.2.2. TwiShort

2.2.3. TwitLonger

2.2.4. NOTE: This tools interfere with archiving tweet stream

2.3. Options

2.3.1. 2nd screen for tag stream Tweetbeam TweetWally Twitter Fountain Visible Tweets Tagboard Paid Projectorfy Refynr Talkback Triqle Twubs

2.3.2. Post hashtag in advance on publicity

2.3.3. Post hashtag at front of room during event

2.3.4. More 3 Clever Ways to use Twitter At Your Next Conference 7 Tools to Present a Twitter Stream at Your Event Social Media Displays for Events Twitter announces tool to embed interactive timelines of tweets into any site Twitter Widgets Tools & Tips to Live Tweet A Conference Twitter API - Display all tweets with a certain hashtag?

2.4. Event Tools

2.4.1. aggregate Eventifier Lanyrd Storify Wakelet Hawksey

2.4.2. display Hashwall Tagboard TweetWall Twitterfountain Visible Tweets

2.5. What if ...

2.5.1. Misuse or abuse of your tag

2.5.2. Honest misunderstanding

2.5.3. Disagreement about what tag means "Bashtags" #McDStories #AskJPM

2.5.4. Spam Porn Advertising Marketers

2.5.5. Trolls People with an axe to grind People trying to make your conversation fit their (nefarious) purposes People who are just nasty and rude because they want attention

2.6. Trending? Hijacked!

2.6.1. Plan in advance. Do you want a backup hashtag? Do you want a trending conversation?

2.6.2. Have a public webpage with the plan

2.6.3. Share the plan if or when necessary

2.6.4. Ask everyone using tag legitimately to "report" and then "block as spam" the offending users

2.6.5. Be grown up

2.6.6. Twitter will (eventually) notice all the blocks, and clean the stream.

2.6.7. Youtube: SPAM in Twitter Chat

3. More Tips

3.1. Livetweeting at conferences

3.1.1. Chronicle

3.1.2. KevinMD

3.2. Presenting for Twitter

3.3. Who to Follow

3.3.1. Biotech

3.4. 3 tips

4. In Organizations

4.1. In Libraries

4.1.1. In library guides Current Interest & News Conferences & Events Major topics & terms Active Less Active Special topics Conditions Issues Research Species Technologies Who to follow Advocacy groups Associations Government Labs Leaders Organizations Schools

4.1.2. Casts Onalaska Library Chats Webcasts, podcasts, webinars, etc Comics Are Great Library Talk Show

4.1.3. HOTW series Hashtag of the Week Sequester example

4.1.4. More Free ebooks New book lists Reference Questions

4.2. Blog

4.2.1. Embeds

4.2.2. Storify

4.2.3. Illustrate concern or tips

4.3. Community Building

4.3.1. HLTHTOP Hashtags for Twitter Cancer Communities ASCO: Hashtag Folksonomy ASCO: Cancer Hashtags, High-time or Half-Baked? HLTHTOP on GPlus

4.4. Employment

4.4.1. Recruit

4.4.2. JobSearch

4.4.3. JobSearch 2 (Mashable)

4.5. Productivity

4.5.1. About Baseline For Dummies Lifehacker

4.5.2. Hashtags #productivity #productivitytools #lifehacks #tools #gtd

4.5.3. HowTo

5. Make it Useful (Tools)

5.1. Apps (many)

5.1.1. Recommended Hootsuite TchatIO Tweetdeck

5.1.2. Lists

5.2. Find Tags

5.2.1. Hashonomy

5.2.2. HashAtIt

5.2.3. Hashtagify

5.2.4. Hashtags

5.2.5. Hashtracking

5.2.6. RiteTag

5.2.7. Symplur

5.2.8. TagDef 2014 Conferences

5.2.9. Twubs

5.2.10. About "Trending" Twitter Twitter Streams Tools

5.3. Archiving

5.3.1. RSS How to get a Twitter RSS feed Chronicle: Hacking an RSS Feed for Twitter Hashtags Twitter: User Timeline RSS (2012) Twitter: Can you get your twitter feed in an RSS Feed? (~2012-13) Labnol: June 2013: How to Get RSS Feeds for Twitter with the new API C# dot net code to get latest tweets using twitter API 1.1 Tiny Tiny RSS: Twitter Feeds Stackoverflow: Twitter API: How to change from RSS Feed to new API 1.1? Tools TwitterFeed

5.3.2. Apps CoverItLive Feedly Friendfeed captures searchable Google Reader captures searchable can repost, share can hack, integrate with other tools Geek Mashups / Martin Hawksey NOTE: Sadly, this disappeared when Google killed off Reader. I am keeping it here in the hopes that the Hawksey tools will reappear in a new form. PaperLi Example RebelMouse ScoopIt Searchhash exports CSV Temporarily disabled due to Twitter API change (06/13) Storify creates embeddable archive for sharing TrapIt TweetDoc exports PDF TweetNest TweetedTimes Example: Twitter Doctors Wakelet

5.3.3. DIY Tools Hawksey About (Chronicle) Sync Twitter with Google Drive TAGSexplorer TAGS v5 TAGS v3 Experimental TAGS searchable archive GitHub GIST

5.4. Analytics

5.4.1. Bundlepost

5.4.2. Talkwalker

5.4.3. ThinkUp

5.4.4. Tweetbinder

5.5. Stay Safe

5.5.1. Passwords WSJ Twitter Account Hacked

5.5.2. Phishing

5.5.3. Porn

5.5.4. Privacy

5.6. Personalize

5.6.1. #AmazonCart

5.6.2. #DoctorWho

5.6.3. #DSOlive

5.6.4. #InsideOpera

5.6.5. #LiveInHD

5.6.6. #MetOpera

5.6.7. #MetInHD

5.7. Do Good

5.7.1. #BringBackOurGirls

5.8. More

5.8.1. 10 Awesome Twitter Analytics & Visualization Tools

5.8.2. Twitter Tools Directory

5.8.3. Twitter Tools

5.8.4. TweetPing

5.9. Example Search (PedPsych)

6. FOR what?

6.1. For Conferences Etc.

6.1.1. Conferences Examples 13-03 13-11 Lanyrd

6.1.2. Observances #ACHIWeek IWD #IWD #IWD13 #IWD2013 #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay Brain Awareness Week #BAW #BrainAwarenessWeek #Brain #BrainWeek #HeadHealth World Kidney Day #WorldKidneyDay #GoPurple #WKD2013 #RDDay Registered Dietician Day March 13, 2013 World Diabetes Day #Diabetes #DSMA #ValueOfMeds #WDD #WDD13 #WDDchat13 #WeNeedACure #WorldDiabetesDay

6.1.3. Presentations #MLibRes #MDMLG ???

6.2. For Conversations

6.2.1. Twitter Chats How to Participate Host Recent 13-03 #EatPlants #Medlibs #MedEd #SMEM Recent 13-11-15 #AIDSVuTalk #AskNPRInterns #AskOMAM #CreativeMornings #GynCSM #HeartMedEd #KnowHepB #SciFiChat

6.2.2. Courses & Classes #h817open #SAHE740 #pm101 Livetweeting Classes

6.2.3. Examples #CPHC Carpool Healthcare #DWDchat Death With Dignity Chat #EOLchat End of Life Chat #FMDchat Fibromuscular Dysplasia #hcsm #hcsmca #hcsmeu #hcsmfr #hcsmla #hcsmanz and maybe : #hcsmMI ? Visualisation #HCLDR Health Care Leaders #HITsm Health Information Technology & Social Media #MDchat Medical Doctor Chat Librarians #libchat #medlibs 20 Essential Twitter Chats for the Library Crowd

6.3. For Communities & Topics

6.3.1. Professions Librarians #hchlitss #healthlit #medline #pubmed MORE Healthcare Doctors Nurses Authors/Writers 100 Hashtags Every Writer Should Know 44 Essential Hashtags Every Authors Should Know Twitter Hashtags for Writers and Book Marketing Pros

6.3.2. Organizations Tags #s4pm #mccsm #umich #goblue Users @AmerMedicalAssn @MedLibAssn @MLAPHHASection

6.3.3. Conditions Brain Cancer #BTSM #BrainTumorThursday #BrainTumor #BrainTumour Thursday #BrainTumour #BrainCancer Breast Cancer #BrCa #BCSM #BreastCancer Celiac #celiac #celiacdisease #coeliac #gluten #glutenfree #gf Diabetes #diabetes #dailyDtalk #iDiabetes #DSMA #T1D #WDD for total of >50 tags! #RareDisease MANY more

6.3.4. Concerns #CDoM #sdoh Death & Dying Chats Professionals #EOL #hospice #HPM

6.3.5. Slides Twitter for Health Using Twitter in Academia

6.3.6. Example: Public Health Profession General Events Organizations Departments National / Int'l Schools Specialties Topics Addiction Child Health & Welfare Community Health Domestic Violence Emergency & Crisis Response Environmental Health Food Safety Handwashing Homelessness Influenza Obesity Occupational Health Prevention Smoking & Tobacco

6.3.7. Example: Education Students Medical Students Grad students #PHDchat #gradschool More Faculty Five Rules for Scholars on Twitter Using Twitter in Academia Getting Personal on Twitter Pays Off for College Leader On Education Tags Chats Events More

6.3.8. Example: Cancer ASCO Project ASCO - Original ETechLib ASCO: High time or half baked? GyncSM Symplur

6.4. For Tasks & Functions

6.4.1. Employment Chats #JobHuntChat #HireFriday #ResuChat Hashtags #JobListing #JobOpening #JobTips #Resume Tips Mashable: How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource Forbes: 4 Ways to use Twitter to Find a Job Mashable: 20 Twitter Resources for Job Hunting Twitter Job Search Tips Education #TeachingJob @Jobs4Teachers Use Twitter to Help Your Teacher Job Search NEA: Six Steps to Landing Your First Teaching Job Advantages of an Experienced Educator: Job Hunting for the Veteran Teacher More 9 Must-Follow Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers: Hashtags are one of the easiest resources for finding job openings. 25 Twitter Chats for Valuable Career Advice

6.4.2. Science Communication #scicomm Twitter chats as public outreach and engagement #VisualAbstracts The unbearable emptiness of tweeting—About journal articles Visual Abstracts to Disseminate Research on Social Media: A Prospective, Case-control Crossover Study Research Translation 12 academic Twitter accounts you should be following Research Impact Tracking Altmetrics PlumX About

7. As Metadata


7.1.1. Delicious Tags

7.1.2. Flickr

7.1.3. Pinterest Tags

7.1.4. Bandcamp

7.2. Dynamic INTERACTIVE real-time metadata

7.3. Organize conversation within Twitter across people

7.4. Aggregate conversation & resources across platforms

7.4.1. Images Taghuddle

7.4.2. Blogs

7.4.3. Twitter

7.4.4. Flickr

7.4.5. Delicious

7.4.6. Aggregators

7.4.7. More

7.5. Integrate with other tools (eg. Packratius, Instagram, Twitpic …)

7.6. Integrate with / cross post between platforms

7.6.1. Facebook

7.6.2. Google Plus

7.6.3. Yammer

7.6.4. Pinterest

7.7. Tools

7.7.1. Social bookmarking Packratius

7.7.2. Social image sharing TwitPic yFrog

7.7.3. Social music sharing Songify More Ten ways to share music on Twitter

7.7.4. Social video sharing Youtube