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Twitter Hashtags by PF Anderson by Mind Map: Twitter Hashtags
by PF Anderson
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Twitter Hashtags by PF Anderson


Twitter value ...

Can Twitter Save Lives?, Demi Moore saves suicidal woman's life through Twitter

Japan doctors used Twitter to save patient lives after quake

Live from Social Media Week: How Twitter saved lives in Haiti

Saving Grandma with Twitter

Superstorm Sandy: Governors Use Twitter to Augment Life-Saving Efforts

Twitter uses ...

"RSS feed + Pandora"

"articles, transcripts, discussion"

"If UR going 2B unprofessional"

"I cite a resource found online or shared, or crowd-sourced Q&A"

"New to Twitter?"

Hashtags for YOUR events!

Choosing a tag

LUDDITE, Length, Keep it short, Respects the 140 character limit, But not too short, Easy to mistake or be misappropriated by others, Ideal length 5-8 characters, Unique, Not already used by others, "What the Trend", When not unique?, Is there a tag in common use which you could modify with your brand?, Distinct, Especially not used to mean something completely different, Be sure to check acronym directories as well as foreign language dictionaries, Be especially cautious of tags that include real words, which are easily misinterpreted by unintended audiences, IE. McDstories, Letters that look like other letters in lowercase, L vs I, Z vs S, 3 vs E, Decipherable, Will it be clear to the target audience or intended users what this tag means, what it represents,, what it's intended purpose is?, Indelible, Stickiness, memorable, will people remember what it means?, Time, In ADVANCE, Decide on hashtag BEFORE, Include on publicity and website, Warn presenters, #Twittergate, An Idea is a Dangerous Thing to Quarantine, Twitter Journalism, Should you ask permission to live-tweet?, Offer options, "Blog-Safe" Icon, Slides for granting permission, Frequency, one time, repeating, episodic - regular, episodic - irregular, Duration, hours, days, ongoing, Schedule, Check to see if there is a calendar of Twitter chats for your discipline. It can be helpful to schedule yours right before or after a popular one., Healthcare chats, Consider, Is it necessary or desirable to be able to distinguish this event from similar events at other points in time?, If adding the year, consider using just the last two digits, Consider also the benefits of using a persistent hashtag to collect conversations year-round, for those who want to continue sharing., Enterprise, Associated with an organization?, Departmental or unit identification?, Are there branding guidelines for tags?, Can you use or permute already existing tags for your organization?

Longer Tweet Tools




NOTE: This tools interfere with archiving tweet stream


2nd screen for tag stream, Tweetbeam, TweetWally, Twitter Fountain, Visible Tweets, Tagboard, Paid, Projectorfy, Refynr, Talkback, Triqle, Twubs

Post hashtag in advance on publicity

Post hashtag at front of room during event

More, 3 Clever Ways to use Twitter At Your Next Conference, 7 Tools to Present a Twitter Stream at Your Event, Social Media Displays for Events, Twitter announces tool to embed interactive timelines of tweets into any site, Twitter Widgets, Tools & Tips to Live Tweet A Conference, Twitter API - Display all tweets with a certain hashtag?

Event Tools

aggregate, Eventifier, Lanyrd, Storify

display, Hashwall, Tagboard, TweetWall, Twitterfountain, Visible Tweets

What if ...

Misuse or abuse of your tag

Honest misunderstanding

Disagreement about what tag means, "Bashtags", #McDStories, #AskJPM

Spam, Porn, Advertising, Marketers

Trolls, People with an axe to grind, People trying to make your conversation fit their (nefarious) purposes, People who are just nasty and rude because they want attention

Trending? Hijacked!

Plan in advance., Do you want a backup hashtag?, Do you want a trending conversation?

Have a public webpage with the plan

Share the plan if or when necessary

Ask everyone using tag legitimately to "block" or "block as spam" the offending users

Be grown up

Twitter will (eventually) notice all the blocks, and clean the stream.

Youtube: SPAM in Twitter Chat

More Tips

Livetweeting at conferences



Presenting for Twitter

Who to Follow


3 tips

In Organizations

In Libraries

In library guides, Current Interest & News, Conferences & Events, Major topics & terms, Active, Less Active, Special topics, Conditions, Issues, Research, Species, Technologies, Who to follow, Advocacy groups, Associations, Government, Labs, Leaders, Organizations, Schools

Casts, Onalaska Library Chats, Webcasts, podcasts, webinars, etc, Comics Are Great, Library Talk Show

HOTW series, Hashtag of the Week, Sequester example

More, Free ebooks, New book lists, Reference Questions




Illustrate concern or tips

Community Building

HLTHTOP, Hashtags for Twitter Cancer Communities, ASCO: Hashtag Folksonomy, ASCO: Cancer Hashtags, High-time or Half-Baked?, HLTHTOP on GPlus




JobSearch 2 (Mashable)


About, Baseline, For Dummies, Lifehacker

Hashtags, #productivity, #productivitytools, #lifehacks, #tools, #gtd


Make it Useful (Tools)

Apps (many)

Recommended,, Hootsuite, TchatIO, Tweetdeck


Find Tags








TagDef, 2014 Conferences


About, "Trending", Twitter, FAQ, Twitter Help, Twitter Search, Twitter Streams, Trending Topics, What's Trending, Tools, Hashtags: Trending, Trending Topics, Trends24, Trendsmap, WhatTheTrend


RSS, How to get a Twitter RSS feed, Chronicle: Hacking an RSS Feed for Twitter Hashtags, Twitter: User Timeline RSS (2012), Twitter: Can you get your twitter feed in an RSS Feed? (~2012-13), Labnol: June 2013: How to Get RSS Feeds for Twitter with the new API, C# dot net code to get latest tweets using twitter API 1.1, Tiny Tiny RSS: Twitter Feeds, Stackoverflow: Twitter API: How to change from RSS Feed to new API 1.1?, Tools, TwitterFeed

Apps, CoverItLive, Feedly, Friendfeed, captures searchable, Google Reader, captures searchable, can repost, share, can hack, integrate with other tools, Geek Mashups / Martin Hawksey, Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation (11-07-2011), Backup Twitter Status Updates to a Google Spreadsheet (12-18-2012), Keep your Twitter Archive fresh on Google Drive using a bit of Google Apps Script (01-13-2013), Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet TAGS v5 (02-15-2013), NOTE: Sadly, this disappeared when Google killed off Reader. I am keeping it here in the hopes that the Hawksey tools will reappear in a new form., PaperLi, Example, RebelMouse, ScoopIt, Searchhash, exports CSV, Temporarily disabled due to Twitter API change (06/13), Storify, creates embeddable archive for sharing, TrapIt, TweetDoc, exports PDF, TweetNest, TweetedTimes, Example: Twitter Doctors

DIY Tools, Hawksey, About (Chronicle), Sync Twitter with Google Drive, TAGSexplorer, TAGS v5, TAGS v3, Experimental TAGS searchable archive, GitHub GIST






Stay Safe

Passwords, WSJ Twitter Account Hacked












Do Good



10 Awesome Twitter Analytics & Visualization Tools

Twitter Tools Directory

Twitter Tools


Example Search (PedPsych)

FOR what?

For Conferences Etc.

Conferences, Examples, 13-03, #ACC13, #FOGM13, #HIMSS13, #mlanet12, 13-11, #3THKigali, #APHA13, #CCPH13, #CSHLPM, #DHC13, #EDU14, #GetRead, #PACCR, #scioSEA, #UKMedEd, #UMCI, #UMStaffWorks, Lanyrd

Observances, #ACHIWeek, IWD, #IWD, #IWD13, #IWD2013, #InternationalWomensDay, #WomensDay, Brain Awareness Week, #BAW, Also used for Beats at Will, #BrainAwarenessWeek, #Brain, #BrainWeek, #HeadHealth, World Kidney Day, #WorldKidneyDay, #GoPurple, Also used for sports teams, #WKD2013, Netherlands Only?, #RDDay, Registered Dietician Day March 13, 2013, World Diabetes Day, #Diabetes, #DSMA, #ValueOfMeds, #WDD, #WDD13, #WDDchat13, #WeNeedACure, #WorldDiabetesDay

Presentations, #MLibRes, #MDMLG ???

For Conversations

Twitter Chats, How to, Participate, Dr. Fuhrman's guide, How to Participate in a Twitter Chat (Fouts), Host, Five Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat, Five Ways to Host a Better Twitter Chat, Twitter Chats, The Ultimate How To Guide, Recent 13-03, #EatPlants, Monday March 18, 2pm ET, Monday March 18, #Medlibs, Thursday March 14, 9pm ET, NOTE: Listed on MLA, #MedEd, Thursday March 14, 9pm ET, #SMEM, Friday March 15, 12:30pm ET, Recent 13-11-15, #AIDSVuTalk, #AskNPRInterns, #AskOMAM, #CreativeMornings, #GynCSM, #HeartMedEd, #KnowHepB, #SciFiChat

Courses & Classes, #h817open, #SAHE740, #pm101, Livetweeting Classes

Examples, #CPHC, Carpool Healthcare, #DWDchat, Death With Dignity Chat, #EOLchat, End of Life Chat, #FMDchat, Fibromuscular Dysplasia, #hcsm, #hcsmca, #hcsmeu, #hcsmfr, #hcsmla, #hcsmanz, and maybe : #hcsmMI ?, Visualisation, #HCLDR, Health Care Leaders, #HITsm, Health Information Technology & Social Media, #MDchat, Medical Doctor Chat, Librarians, #libchat, #medlibs, 20 Essential Twitter Chats for the Library Crowd

For Communities & Topics

Professions, Librarians, #hchlitss, #healthlit, #medline, #pubmed, MORE, Healthcare, Doctors, #doctor, #doctors, #DRconcerns, #physician, #MDchat, #MedEd, #surgeon, Nurses, #nurse, #nursestaffing, #nursedischarge, Chats, #APRNchat, #LDnursechat, #NPchat, #NurChat, #RNchat, Authors/Writers, 100 Hashtags Every Writer Should Know, 44 Essential Hashtags Every Authors Should Know, Twitter Hashtags for Writers and Book Marketing Pros

Organizations, Tags, #s4pm, #mccsm, #MCSMN, #umich, #goblue, Users, @AmerMedicalAssn, @MedLibAssn, @MLAPHHASection

Conditions, Brain Cancer, #BTSM, #BrainTumorThursday, #BrainTumor, #BrainTumour Thursday, #BrainTumour, #BrainCancer, Breast Cancer, #BrCa, #BCSM, #BreastCancer, Celiac, #celiac, #celiacdisease, #coeliac, NOTE: Consider languages. Alternate spelling for UK, #gluten, NOTE: Often computers read #gluten-free as #gluten because of the punctuation, #glutenfree, #gf, NOTE: Used for both "gluten free" and "girlfriend", Diabetes, #diabetes, #dailyDtalk, #iDiabetes, #DSMA, #T1D, #WDD, for total of >50 tags!, #RareDisease, MANY more

Concerns, #CDoM, #sdoh, Death & Dying, Chats, #EOLchat, #DWDchat, Professionals, #HPMglobal, #HPM, Health and palliative medicine, #EOL, #hospice, #HPM

Slides, Twitter for Health, Using Twitter in Academia

Example: Public Health, Profession, General, #cultureofhealth, #pubhealth, #publichealth, Events, National Public Health Week, Conferences, #APHA11, #APHA12, #APHA13, #APHA14, #cbha2014, #MLANET12, #NPHWChat, #nrchiap2014, #PHSSRKC13, #PHSSRKC14, #RCNPH14, #SMWChiHealth, #SOPHE2013, #SOPHE2014, #SPHN12, #WPHC13, Twitter chats, Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange = #PHQIX, Public Health Quality Improvement Chat = #QITogether, RWJF on National Prevention Strategy = #preventionchat, Social Media for Public Health = #sm4ph, Organizations, Departments, Chicago Dept. of Public Health = @ChiPublicHealth, Boston Public Health Commission = @HealthyBoston, Boulder Country Public Health = @bouldercohealth, Canada, Ontario = @PublicHealthON, Ottowa = @ottawahealth, Toronto = @TOPublicHealth, Iowa Dept. of Public Health = @IAPublicHealth, Kentucky = @KYHealthAlerts, Los Angeles = @lapublichealth, Maricopa Country = @Maricopahealth, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health = @MassDPH, Michigan, ACA Reform = MIHealthAnswers, BCBS = HealthierMI, @RESOURCEGENESEE, @MichiganYVPC (Flint), Oregon = @ORPublicHealth, Philadelphia = @PHLPublicHealth, Sacramento County Public Health Division = @SacPublicHealth, Seattle & King County = @KCPubHealth, National / Int'l, APHA (American Public Health Association) = @PublicHealth, Annual Meeting = @APHAAnnualMtg, American Association of Public Health Physicians = @AAPHP, Public Health Agency of Canada = @PHAC_GC, Public Health Foundation = @ThePHF, Public Health Institute = @PHI_policy, RWJF Public Health = @RWJF_PubHealth, Quality Improvement Exchange = @PublicHealthQIX, @RWJF_HumanCap, UK National Library for Public Health = @NLPHEngland, US Government, Centers for Disease Control = @CDCgov, but Twitter chats = @CDC_eHealth, emergency & crisis info = @CDCReady, and people! ie. @DrFriedenCDC, @EPAresearch, @GoHealthyPeople (Healthy People 2020), @HHSGov, @NIEHS, @NIH, @NLM_SIS, @USDAFoodSafety, US Drug Policy = @ONDCP, We Public Health (news) = @WePublicHealth, World Health Organization = @WHO, Schools, Boston U = @BUSPH, Colorado U = @ColoradoSPH, Drexel U = @drexelpubhealth, Emory U = @EmoryRollins, Indiana U = @IUSPH, Johns Hopkins U = @JohnsHopkinsSPH, Harvard U = @HarvardHSPH, U Alabama-Birmington = @uabSOPH, U. Maryland = @UMDPublicHealth, U Michigan = @UM_SPH, Vic Strecher = @DungBeetlePress, Andrew Maynard = @2020science, Prevention Resource Center = @PRCMI, U Minnesota = @publichealthmn, U North Carolina = @UNCpublichealth, U Washington = @uwsph, Specialties, Topics, Addiction, #addictionchat, #drugabuse, #naloxone, Child Health & Welfare, #ChildHealth, #StopChildAbuse, #TeenNutrition, Community Health, Domestic Violence, #childabuse, #DV, #VAW (violence against women), Emergency & Crisis Response, #SMEM, #SMEMchat, More, #crisiscomms, #mapsar, #mountainrescue, #SAR, #STL, #VOST, Environmental Health, #EnvironmentalFactor, #GreenHealthChat, #Tox21, #ToxCast, #ToxData, Food Safety, #EColi, #FoodSafety, #NCCAMchat, Handwashing, Homelessness, #homelessness, Influenza, #influenza, #flu, #flushot, #H1N1, #epidemic, Obesity, Occupational Health, Prevention, Smoking & Tobacco

Example: Education, Students, Medical Students, #MedEd, #MSE13, #medstudent, Grad students, #PHDchat, #gradschool, More, Faculty, Five Rules for Scholars on Twitter, Using Twitter in Academia, Getting Personal on Twitter Pays Off for College Leader, On Education, Tags, #StudentTeaching, Example, Chats, #NTchat, #EdChat, #ColChat, #CaEdChat, #EdTech, #EdChatNZ, #Middie30, Events, #ULearn14, #CEnz14, More, Twitter Hashtags for Teachers, Edudemic: Guide to Twitter, Twitter Chats for Educators, Twitter for Teachers, Cybraryman: Twitter Chats, Summer Learning for Students & Teachers, New Teachers Need Help, But Where to Find It?

Example: Cancer, ASCO Project, ASCO - Original, ETechLib, ASCO: High time or half baked?, GyncSM, Symplur

For Tasks & Functions

Employment, Chats, #JobHuntChat, Mondays 10pm ET, #HireFriday, #ResuChat, Tuesday 8pm ET, Hashtags, #JobListing, #JobOpening, #JobTips, #Resume, Tips, Mashable: How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource, Forbes: 4 Ways to use Twitter to Find a Job, Mashable: 20 Twitter Resources for Job Hunting, Twitter Job Search Tips, Education, #TeachingJob, @Jobs4Teachers, Use Twitter to Help Your Teacher Job Search, NEA: Six Steps to Landing Your First Teaching Job, "Spread the word about your job search to your Facebook and Ning friends, and look for job feeds on Twitter. The Kansas Educational Employment Board, for example, uses Twitter to send job announcements. CareerBuilder also has several regional Twitter feeds.", Advantages of an Experienced Educator: Job Hunting for the Veteran Teacher, "Twitter is useful for keeping up with education news, policy and even teaching strategies. It is also an occasional recruiting tool for districts; according to the NEA, the Kansas Educational Employment Board sends job listings to its Twitter followers.", More, 9 Must-Follow Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers: Hashtags are one of the easiest resources for finding job openings., 25 Twitter Chats for Valuable Career Advice

As Metadata


Delicious, Tags


Pinterest, Tags


Dynamic INTERACTIVE real-time metadata

Organize conversation within Twitter across people

Aggregate conversation & resources across platforms

Images, Taghuddle







Integrate with other tools (eg. Packratius, Instagram, Twitpic …)

Integrate with / cross post between platforms


Google Plus




Social bookmarking, Packratius

Social image sharing, TwitPic, yFrog

Social music sharing,, Songify, More, Ten ways to share music on Twitter

Social video sharing, Youtube