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Repose by Mind Map: Repose

1. Antonyms

1.1. Agitation

1.2. Disturbance

1.3. Upset

2. Synonyms

2.1. Relaxing

2.2. Tranquillity

2.3. Relaxation

3. Examples

3.1. Reposed man

3.2. Reposed Woman

4. Other forms

4.1. reposing (adjective)

4.1.1. After the reposing day at the spa, the woman came home feeling completely rejuvenated.

4.2. reposed (verb)

4.2.1. After the mans soothing massage, he felt reposed, forgetting all of his problems.

5. Definition

5.1. Temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion

5.2. Sleep, or the rest given by sleep