Alter (verb)

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Alter (verb) by Mind Map: Alter (verb)

1. Definition

1.1. Change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a small but significant way

2. Synonyms

2.1. Modify

2.2. Convert

2.3. Amend

2.4. Adapt

3. Other Forms

3.1. Altered (verb)

3.1.1. Scientists chose to have the plants genetically altered.

3.2. Altering (verb)

3.2.1. The museum has a new exhibit that needs to be set up, luckily they have an easy job of altering the current one to make it fit the job.

3.3. Alters (verb)

3.3.1. The opinion of the new president alters depending on who you talk to.

4. Examples

4.1. Altered Car

4.2. Genetically Altered Plants

5. Antonyms

5.1. Keep

5.2. Preserve

5.3. Retain