Prominent (adj.)

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Prominent (adj.) by Mind Map: Prominent (adj.)

1. These people are prominent people.

2. Definition

2.1. Leading, important, or well known.

3. Synonyms

3.1. celebrated, chief, distinguished, eminent, famed, foremost, great, high-profile, main, notable, noted, notorious, outstanding, popular, preeminent, renowned, respected, top, underlined, well-known, well-thought-of, world-class

4. Antonyms

4.1. common, obscure, ordinary, unimportant, unknown

5. Other forms

5.1. Prominently (adv.)

5.1.1. She prominently kept her position by keeping up her work and working ahead.

6. Examples

6.1. Barack Obama is prominent because he is the president of the United States.