uncanny (adj)

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uncanny (adj) by Mind Map: uncanny (adj)

1. Synonyms

1.1. creepy

1.2. astounding

1.3. eerie

2. Definition

2.1. strange and mysterious, especially in an unsettling way

2.2. being beyond what is normally expected

3. Antynoyms

3.1. common

3.2. earthly

3.3. natural

4. Examples

4.1. An uncanny photograph

4.2. An uncanny animation

5. Other Forms

5.1. uncannily (adverb)

5.1.1. He uncannily grabbed his wife's purse, causing suspicion among other customers in the store.

5.2. uncanniness (noun)

5.2.1. The uncanniness with with which he spoke frequently produced awkward silences.