Engaging with God (Hannah and Alex's ideas)

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Engaging with God (Hannah and Alex's ideas) by Mind Map: Engaging with God (Hannah and Alex's ideas)

1. Why don't we engage/what hinders us?

1.1. Don't know how

1.2. Feel unworthy

1.3. Laziness

1.4. Busy-ness

1.4.1. visual aid: big glass jar with rocks, stone, pebbles, sand, water...

1.4.2. Bishop Frank Retief tells his ministers: "Organise your diary around the fact that, without Christ, people are going to hell"

1.5. Sin

1.6. Find it boring

1.7. Feeling guilty when you let it slip

1.8. Fear/tredipation of the unknown

1.9. Feel inadequate

1.9.1. Overwhelmed by other ppl's experiences of engaging with God & feel that this is beyond us.

1.10. becoming too comfortable with tradition

2. How we engage

2.1. Work/Study

2.1.1. Taking breaks

2.1.2. Prayer/bible study groups

2.1.3. Christian Union Think about setting one up if necessary

2.1.4. Relationships with others

2.2. Outside/beyond QT!

2.2.1. Brother Lawrence

2.2.2. No limits

2.2.3. Relationship built on 1 hour a day? it's 24/7, not X minutes per day Our date night

2.3. Pro active

2.3.1. 24/7

2.3.2. Awareness of his presence

2.3.3. Being creative Made in the image of a creative God

2.4. Dreams

2.4.1. Prophetic Alex story of vending machine and cheese sandwiches

2.5. Prayer

2.5.1. Prophecy

2.5.2. Fasting

2.5.3. Outloud

2.5.4. Quietly

2.5.5. Strategic

2.5.6. Prayer Journals Thank you

2.5.7. Walks

2.5.8. Buddies

2.5.9. Scripture

2.5.10. Listening & being aware of God speaking in different ways

2.6. Bible Study

2.6.1. Using notes Explore/Engage

2.6.2. Study, not reading Study ideas Book Character Theme Passage

2.6.3. Making notes

2.6.4. Group/Pair Study

2.6.5. Keep it fresh Give us this day our daily bread Fresh manna

2.6.6. Meditate

2.6.7. How do we actually do it?! To engage with God is to be in relationship with Him, to communicate with Him but more importantly to be intertwined - to be so wrapped up in our God that we are not only communicating with Him but living in Him and Him in us

2.7. Nature

2.7.1. Gardening

2.7.2. Sunrise

2.7.3. Walking

2.7.4. Praising God for his creation

2.7.5. Psalm 19, Romans 1

2.8. During hardship

2.8.1. Keeping eyes fixed on him Trust

2.8.2. Rejoice in trials

2.8.3. It takes faith to suffer for God

2.9. Art

2.9.1. Music

2.9.2. Dance

2.9.3. Poetry

2.9.4. Pottery

2.9.5. Drawing/painting

2.10. Service

2.10.1. Acts of kindness

2.10.2. Giving All giving is firstly to God (engaging) & secondly to the recipient 2 Cor 8v5

2.10.3. Everything we do is for God Matt 25v34-40

2.11. Worship

2.11.1. Spontaneous

2.11.2. CDs/iPod

2.11.3. While walking

2.11.4. Quiet/loud

2.11.5. Not just music

2.11.6. Songs

3. Bible teaching

3.1. everything we say to be backed up with scripture

3.2. David

3.2.1. Psalms 51 After being confronted over sin 59 When fearing for his life

3.2.2. His different situations Victory Hiding After sin Marvelling at God's beautiful creation

3.3. Matt 6v1-18

3.3.1. It's not for show

3.4. Hebrews 1 and 2:1

3.4.1. how not to drift

3.5. Hebrews 4:12-13

3.6. 1 Peter if poss

3.7. We're learning as well!