What hinders us?

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What hinders us? by Mind Map: What hinders us?

1. anger

1.1. with God

2. guilt

2.1. leave it with God

3. people/friends

3.1. distracting you

4. laziness

4.1. do things with a friend

4.2. getting perspective!

4.2.1. if it's important, just do it!

4.3. develop good habits

5. not enough fellowship

5.1. hanging with wrong crowd?

5.2. time for additional/new crowd who will support and encourage you

6. other priorities/too busy

7. prayers not answered/bad experiences

8. Sin

9. not wanting to change certain ways of living

10. too comfortable with lifestyle/tradition

11. daunting or overwhelming

11.1. do it bit by bit

12. wordly values

12.1. looking to God rather than wordly things for happiness

13. false teaching

13.1. get stuck into Bible!

14. find it boring