Windowplast ICT 2014

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Windowplast ICT 2014 by Mind Map: Windowplast ICT 2014

1. Mail & instant messaging

1.1. Product & provider: Elastic Email

1.2. Key functionality: A simple, fast email delivery service for your cloud application.

1.3. Business advantage: Reliable, cost effective & stress free email

2. Backup

2.1. Product & provider: verizon Terremark, Data Protection Services

2.2. Key functionality: Information and control.

2.3. Business advantage: All information is managed by Terremark, this means security and reliability that all data is stored.

3. Collaboration & documents

3.1. Product & provider: Rackspace, Rackspace Cloud Files

3.2. Key functionality: Share files

3.3. Business advantage: unlimited reach, pay-as-you-grow, secure filesharing

4. Telecommunication cost

4.1. Product & provider: Grashopper, Grashoppers Cloud Phone System

4.2. Key functionality: Replaces traditional more expensive land lines.

4.3. Business advantage: Cost savings, easy set-up, time savings, remote capabilities

5. Sales mobility

5.1. Product & provider: Salesforce, Sales Cloud

5.2. Key functionality: Everything you need, from documents up to exchanging data with colleagues, faster and easier than ever.

5.3. Business advantage: Improve sales productivity, boost win rates, grow revenue. Close bigger deals faster, anytime, anywhere.

6. Training

6.1. Product & provider: Intercall, Cisco WebEx Training Center

6.2. Key functionality: Convey a rich classroom experience virtually.

6.3. Business advantage: reach more people, reduce training costs, test trainees

7. Sales & customer support and tracking

7.1. Product & provider: Oracle Cloud, Customer Service and support

7.2. Key functionality: Service and support

7.3. Business advantage: increase sales, increase efficiency, strengthen relationships