Cloud Computing Solutions

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Cloud Computing Solutions by Mind Map: Cloud Computing Solutions

1. Mail and instant messaging

1.1. Link:

1.2. Productname: Outlook

1.3. Vendor: Microsoft

1.4. Key Feature: You can send emails, chat with other people, notice things in your agenda or use skydrive to upload documents very easy

1.5. Business advantage:

1.5.1. It will be much easier to maintain our mails

1.5.2. Documents can be internal shared by using skydrive

1.5.3. Most employees will already use this mailprogram already at home, so training isn't needed. (cost saving)

2. Collaboration and documents

2.1. Link:

2.2. Productname: Office 365

2.3. Vendor: Microsoft

2.4. Key features: It's a program that includes different specialties like, word, acces, excell, to maintain your documents

2.5. Business advantage: It's easy to use for the employees.

3. Backup

3.1. Link:

3.2. Productname: Norton Ghost

3.3. Vendor: Symantec-Norton

3.4. Key feature: It creates a backup of all your files. When your compure crashes you can repare all your data.

3.5. Business advantage:

3.5.1. There will be no data lost anymore after a computercrash

3.5.2. Important documents are safe

4. Sales & customer support and tracking

4.1. Link:

4.2. Productname: Sales Cloud

4.3. Vendor: Salesforce

4.4. Key feature:

4.4.1. It helps to improve the sales productivity and all CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities are available.

4.5. Business advantage:

4.5.1. It will improve our sales productivity

4.5.2. It's not for free, but we can use it for a reasonably low price. (Link with the price rates:

5. Telecommunication cost

5.1. Link:

5.2. Productname: Skype

5.3. Vendor: Microsoft (Skype)

5.4. Key feature:

5.4.1. It's possible to call and use videostreaming for a very low price.

5.5. Business advantage:

5.5.1. It has a very low price (Link to the price rates:

5.5.2. Very easy to use

6. Sales mobility

6.1. Link:

6.2. Productname: mySAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

6.3. Vendor: SAP

6.4. Key Feature

6.4.1. It's an all in one package. It can maintain all the processes in our company

6.5. Business advantage:

6.5.1. It isn't cheap but I can help the company a lot by organizing the sales.

7. Training

7.1. Link:

7.2. Productname: Adobe connect

7.3. Vendor: Adobe

7.4. Key functionality:

7.4.1. Online tool for Elearning

7.5. Business advantage:

7.5.1. Travalling isn't needed anymore

7.5.2. It will save the company a lot of many (no more airplane tickets, hotel bills, organisational costs, ...)