WindowsPlast ICT 2014

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WindowsPlast ICT 2014 by Mind Map: WindowsPlast ICT 2014

1. Collaboration & documents

1.1. Product & Provider

1.1.1. Provider: Workshare

1.1.2. Product: Workshare

1.2. Business advantage

1.2.1. It will improve your teams and you won't lose any data because of this program. You can also control your files and share and compare them.

1.3. Key functionality

1.3.1. Share, synchronize and compare files. Help teams work together more efficiently. Keep data safe and enforce corporate data policy across the organization

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2. Training

2.1. Product & Provider

2.1.1. Provider: IMF

2.1.2. Product: Cloud training: CompTIA Cloud Essentials Professional

2.2. Business advantage

2.2.1. Cloud computing makes it possible to run a successful business without having dedicated hardware, software and services.

2.3. Key functionality

2.3.1. Cloud computing is an emerging technology through which an increasing number of IT services are delivered over the internet.

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3. Backup

3.1. Product & Provider

3.1.1. Provider: Acronis International GmbH

3.1.2. Product: Acronis

3.2. Business advantage

3.2.1. It's safe, reliable and easy to use. So you won't spend many time to understand the program. In addition it's the leading PC Backup, Recovery, and Data Protection Software. So very thrustworthy to save your information.

3.3. Key functionality

3.3.1. Backup solution with the latest sync technology, cloud storage and mobile phone access.

3.4. Source


4. Sales & customer support and tracking

4.1. Product & Provider

4.1.1. Provider: Avidian

4.1.2. Product: Prophet

4.2. Business advantage

4.2.1. It is efficient for your salesteam. Your sales figures will increase and your clients will be satisfied.

4.3. Key functionality

4.3.1. This program is a simple way to track sales leads and opportunities. Next to that it is an effective method for keep notes and tracking communication. And last but not least it's a simple mechanism for centrally organizing appointments, tasks, opportunities and all related sales records.

4.4. Source


5. Mail & Instant messaging

5.1. YMLP

5.1.1. Product & Provider Product: Your Mailing List Provider Provider: YMLP

5.1.2. Business advantage Free to use and you can send and deliver e-mails on a professionel level.

5.1.3. Key functionality It's very easy to use and no installation is required. Over 300.000 people use it already

5.1.4. Source

6. Telecommunication cost

6.1. Skype

6.1.1. Product & Provider The product is called Skype and the provider is Skype also.

6.1.2. Business advantage It's free to use so you will save a lot of costs.

6.1.3. Key functionality You can use it on almost every device there is. The providers created an app to use it on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

6.1.4. Source

7. Sales Mobility

7.1. Product & Provider

7.1.1. Provider: Oracle Mobile Sales

7.1.2. Product: Oracle

7.2. Business advantage

7.2.1. This program allows your salespeople to keep in touch with the latest information at any time of the day. It will make your salesteam more efficient and productive.

7.3. Key functionality

7.3.1. Easy to configure, deploy, manage, and use on mobile phones.

7.4. Source