Why should euthanasia not be legalised

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Why should euthanasia not be legalised by Mind Map: Why should euthanasia not be legalised

1. Moral erosion

2. Damage basic societal morals

2.1. Killing of other human beings, regardless of circumstances, goes against basic human conscience.

3. Contaminates the traditional spirit of medical practitioners

3.1. Healthcare providers are sworn to heal and protect. Making them take the lives of the people they were supposed to help is against the spirit of being a doctor.

4. Complicates medical education

4.1. Do we now have to teach medical students how to euthanize patients? Society in its current state is definitely not ready for a measure this extreme.

5. Causes desensitization

5.1. With the legalization of euthanasia, there will be a rise in cases of euthanasia. With this many deaths happening around us, carried out by the people that surround us, society can easily become desensitized to the concept of killing.

6. Gets in the way of medical practitioners doing their job

6.1. We place our health and general well-being in the hands of our doctors, expecting them to try their best to cure us of any illness we might have. This trust might not come by so easily, with patients knowing that part of their doctor's job is to end the lives of their fellow patients