Trading Places

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Trading Places by Mind Map: Trading Places

1. problems with interaction

1.1. Shelby

1.1.1. Language barrier, Would definitely need a translator

1.1.2. Not being familiar with the norms

1.1.3. expectations in public might be different

1.2. Kate

1.2.1. fears of mistakes in conversation

1.2.2. observance of rules

1.2.3. slang

1.3. Ann

1.3.1. We must be sensitive to different nationalities, because any encroachment on their skin color or religion will be seen as a threat

1.3.2. Unsmiling face in the United States is seen as angry, and Russians perceive it as serious. When Americans met with such a person, they would just ignore it, trying not to "infected" by negative emotions.

2. Climate and time

2.1. Ann

2.1.1. Climat in America rocks!

2.1.2. It will be difficult to communicate with our family in Russia because of the difference in time zones

2.2. Kate

2.2.1. the difference in time

2.2.2. i like this climate

2.2.3. another timetable of education (holidays, days off the beginning of classes)

2.3. Shelby

2.3.1. It is COLD in Russia

2.3.2. time difference might have an affect on me

2.3.3. The mountains might through me off.

3. common problems

3.1. Shelby

3.1.1. Your problems

3.1.2. Your problems

3.1.3. Your problems

3.2. Kate

3.2.1. unknown home appliances

3.2.2. language problems

3.2.3. how pay for house and public utilities

3.3. Ann

3.3.1. In America, there is no "planned" outage of hot / cold water, power outage, etc.

3.3.2. Problems with renting an apartment

4. Movement throw the city

4.1. Shelby

4.1.1. Cost in gas, tickets, bus fare etc.

4.1.2. not knowing my way around

4.1.3. lack of car, or means of travel

4.2. Kate

4.2.1. movement on transport and fare

4.2.2. marking of streets

4.2.3. traffic regulations

4.3. Ann

4.3.1. In any city in America, you must have a car or a bike to move around the city

4.3.2. Orientation on an unfamiliar terrain

5. Looking for a job

5.1. Shelby

5.1.1. Qualifications?

5.1.2. location of the job

5.1.3. The adjustment from american careers to Russian careers

5.2. Kate

5.2.1. unknown professional slang

5.3. Ann

5.3.1. Lack of experience

5.3.2. Recognition of Russian diplomas actuality in America

5.3.3. The difficulty of finding jobs in their field

5.3.4. Language barrier with collegues

6. Food

6.1. Shelby

6.1.1. difference in spices, and ingredients

6.1.2. The types of foods we eat; fast food, home cooked etc.

6.1.3. Allergies? And if not our different taste preferences

6.2. Kate

6.2.1. unknown home appliances

6.2.2. language problems

6.2.3. how pay for house and public utilities

6.3. Ann

6.3.1. Healthy food is too expensive

6.3.2. We are not used to drink sodas in in huge quantities or cold tea. Most of us are accustomed to simple hot tea, coffee, juice or mineral water.

6.3.3. An incredible number of products, which we just have not heard

7. Ways of entertainment

7.1. Ann

7.1.1. There is the majority of the world's most famous open airs in America, and this is certainly an important advantage

7.1.2. You can not to pick mushrooms or berries in America:)

7.2. Kate

7.2.1. get used to another humor

7.2.2. shopping: size of clothes

7.3. Shelby

7.3.1. The language barrier

7.3.2. Different taste in all entertainment

7.3.3. The access to the entertainment might be different. And the cost might also be different

8. Attitude of the population to us, immigrants

8.1. Shelby

8.1.1. Discrimination against different societies

8.1.2. Mexicans are the immigrants most Americans notice

8.1.3. Bringing down the "appearance " of the US

8.2. Kate

8.2.1. act of force

8.3. Ann

8.3.1. American attitude to Russians is quite good rather than to the Latinos f.e.. The same situation is in Russia: we welcome immigrants from the United States, but strongly stand against migrants from South Asia and the Caucasus.