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Computer Tech Project Ideas by Mind Map: Computer Tech Project Ideas
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Computer Tech Project Ideas

Genesis runner

story relates with themes

future, dystopia

change, technological singularity

Warning/cautionary tale

Setting, Post apocalyptic future, machines everywhere, humans underground, surface uninhabitable, Surface, Green, dark background, Underground, Brown/Dark brown, General dirt foreground and background, perhaps stone deeper down?, Grey/Dark grey, support beams, pillars, ramps, yellow black stripes to indicate danger, Machine Room, Deep under ground, In metal room, Machine on pedestal on platform, Machinery rare directly below the surface, more common deeper you go

Gameplay (simple like iPhone game)

can move forward and backward relative to screen, jump up and down

5 surface preset levels or so, complete levels to recover parts, collect parts to repair machine, repair machine to restore world

1 long and difficult level to get to machine

Beat levels to grab parts (and gain skills?)

Possible Misc Gameplay

Climbing wall, Quick time event, Button mash to fill up bar, Smashing wall

Slow down/slowed reflexes, As approaching the end of level or possibly stamina used to jump and climb, due to toxicity (story reason), coughing animation


Integrate a video game into a class

Kerbal Space Program (Physics)

Facade? (Psychology, have a successful dinner/solve their problems

Create a video game

Educational, Physics, Catapult, Setting, Future-y theme?, Electromagnetic railgun thingy, Shoots portal sphere, Gameplay, One shot only, Must hit perfectly, If miss, restart from 1st level, 5 Levels or so, Force of gravity given, changing gravity values?, Relative velocity?, Sliders/User input for accurate values, Gravity golf?, Math

Arduino, Touchpad, Variable resistor?