Computer Tech Project Ideas

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Computer Tech Project Ideas by Mind Map: Computer Tech Project Ideas

1. Genesis runner

1.1. story relates with themes

1.1.1. future dystopia

1.1.2. change technological singularity

1.2. Warning/cautionary tale

1.2.1. Setting Post apocalyptic future machines everywhere Surface Green, dark background Underground Brown/Dark brown Grey/Dark grey Machine Room Machinery rare directly below the surface

1.3. Gameplay (simple like iPhone game)

1.3.1. can move forward and backward relative to screen, jump up and down

1.3.2. 5 surface preset levels or so complete levels to recover parts collect parts to repair machine repair machine to restore world

1.3.3. 1 long and difficult level to get to machine

1.3.4. Beat levels to grab parts (and gain skills?)

1.4. Possible Misc Gameplay

1.4.1. Climbing wall Quick time event Button mash to fill up bar Smashing wall

1.4.2. Slow down/slowed reflexes As approaching the end of level or possibly stamina used to jump and climb due to toxicity (story reason) coughing animation

2. Gamification

2.1. Integrate a video game into a class

2.1.1. Kerbal Space Program (Physics)

2.1.2. Facade? (Psychology have a successful dinner/solve their problems

2.2. Create a video game

2.2.1. Educational Physics Catapult Gravity golf? Math

2.2.2. Arduino Touchpad Variable resistor?