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1. Security

1.1. Fire countermeasures

1.1.1. Fireproof materials

1.1.2. Automatic firefighters call

1.2. Access

1.2.1. Remote control by mobile device

1.2.2. Locks can recognize faces You can invite friends and the door will open for them automatically You can create a pattern how can come to your home and when Connects to police when someone with a record comes in Knows how many people are in the building You will never be locked-out!

1.2.3. Garage opens itself when your car is near Garage changes your winter tyres

1.3. Security for babies

1.3.1. Built-in kids monitoring

1.3.2. Round corners

1.3.3. Safe electric sockets

2. Arranging the space

2.1. The furniture is not static

2.1.1. Your floor can move your furniture

2.1.2. Your furniture morphs into another when needed

2.2. Wall structure is not static

2.2.1. You can change the position of walls You can make room bigger and kitchen smalles You can sell part of unused space to your neighbour

2.2.2. Your wall can change colours and glow as a lamp Can be a nice alarm clock in the morning! You can set a defined sets of 'moods' and change the whole appearance of room by few clicks

2.2.3. You can 'save' the presets and restore them exaclty the same when you move to new flat

2.3. You do not have sockets

2.3.1. You can plug any device directly to the wall

2.4. Your home can be your office

2.4.1. Walls may turn into whiteboards or screens

2.4.2. You can rearrange the space to make your home an office to meet customers or work efficiently

2.5. Automatic and rentable storage space in the basement

3. Eco-Line

3.1. Reused Energy

3.1.1. Appliances and doors provide their own energy

3.1.2. We get energy from flow of water in pipes

3.1.3. We get thermal energy back from water waste and vented out air

3.2. Reused Water

3.2.1. Water from washing or rainwater can go to toilet flush

3.2.2. Water from shower can be used to wash car

3.3. Outside

3.3.1. Walls outside change colors to get/repel solar energy

3.3.2. Windmills on the roof WHen you are on holidays, your solar panels or windmils generate energy and money for you

3.3.3. Solar panels

3.3.4. Walls covered in plants to tamper the climate Edible plants Grow your own vegetables and fruits

3.4. Savings

3.4.1. Water House knows what you are using water on and teaches you how to save it effectively

3.4.2. Energy Same.

4. Relaxing time

4.1. Music in the shower, also shower-karaoke-neighbour competitions online

4.2. TV knows your favouirite shows and puts it on along with your threadmill

4.2.1. If you stop working out the tv goes black!

5. Everyday issues

5.1. Doing shopping redefined

5.1.1. House sets up the diet for you and prepares the shopping lists

5.1.2. You set up the 'survival kit' of what is essential in your home (water, bread, toilet paper, diapers) and when you run low home automatically places order in shops

5.1.3. You get fresh fashion right to your mirror and wardrobe!

5.2. Cleaning

5.2.1. The house cleans itself

5.2.2. Your wardrobe washes and irons your clothes Smart laundry pairs your socks for you!

5.2.3. Kitchen cleans itself and puts food back in drawers and fridge

5.2.4. House alerts you of mold, dust and dirt Purifies the air

5.3. Scheduling

5.3.1. Screen in the shower yith your daily agenda

5.3.2. The hi-fi will remind you on the events and deadlines

5.3.3. Voice operated calendar

5.4. Bills pay themselves

5.5. Controlling

5.5.1. Using the mobile devices as remotes

5.5.2. Sensors know which room are you in and turn on the lights/music automatically

6. Area

6.1. Neighbours

6.1.1. You know your neighbours because everyone can have a small profile in local social neighbour network

6.1.2. Music is played directly to your ears, so no noises from other apartments

6.1.3. Need-Help exchange A parent can take care of neighbour's kid too, and their parents can go to the cinema. Later thay can cook some more food than they need and give a tasty dinner as a thank you Online wall to post your comments, feedback, needs etc.

6.1.4. Sharing Car bicycles

6.2. Companies

6.2.1. Hotels can rent your apartment when you are on holidays

6.2.2. You get updated on nearby events (concerts, galleries etc.)

6.2.3. House managing company Get automatic updates on failures and faults Get info about water/energy consumption and the bills or stuff