Local Communities (Meta-Narratives)

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Local Communities (Meta-Narratives) by Mind Map: Local Communities (Meta-Narratives)

1. Local Culture

1.1. Diversity

1.1.1. Creativity (media selection)

1.1.2. New ID understand

1.1.3. Narratives (stories)

2. What are key narrative structures we are using? (Green communities and Transition) Starting Point (Knowledge)

3. Sharing

3.1. Videos

3.2. e-Wikis

4. SHARING (Interaction)

4.1. Translation

4.2. Videos

4.3. E-Wikis

4.4. Books

4.5. Careful Infosity

4.6. Mobile technology

4.7. Bring tradition in

4.7.1. Innovation ICT (new concept)

4.7.2. Teck