[ Privacy strands in Media Literacy Education ]

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[ Privacy strands in Media Literacy Education ] by Mind Map: [  Privacy strands in Media Literacy Education  ]


1.1. a hub that is well curated

1.1.1. NAMLE could curate the list of resources and recommend them based on where they meet the CPMLE

1.1.2. List of best practices

1.2. talking about privacy within citizenship

1.3. surface level map of issues/strands

1.4. webinars to pool resources & gather perspectives

1.5. a Google Doc for throwing ideas together

1.5.1. leads to curating a short list or organized resources on NAMLE.net

2. [ existing privacy resources ]

2.1. Sonia LIvingstone

2.2. common sense (upcoming 1-to-1 guide)

2.3. Danah Boyd

2.4. Mozilla

2.5. Safe. Digital Me

2.6. UKCIS: UK Council for Internet Safety

2.7. COSN: Consortium of School Networking

2.7.1. Badges

2.8. Safer internet day

3. withholding personal information

4. sharing

5. big data

6. online safety

7. educational restrictions vs. Openness

8. Desire for Control

9. participation

10. personal privacy

11. filtering

12. [ M3 Game & Hackathon/Process Doc Video ]

12.1. Digital Me Fesitval Produced Videos

12.1.1. look at what other students are doing (use or learn from their media)

13. K-12 Plan implementation

13.1. Common Sense is working on this

13.2. how to get the word and resources to schools?

13.3. What will hook admins into customizing their rollout and address these issues?

14. relevance - how to make it relevant to admin/students/parents in K-12 realm

14.1. seeing the positives

14.2. addressing the fear

15. connecting it to service learning

15.1. Badges for web citizenry

15.2. commenting when you see someone exposing themselves (inadvertently)

16. What's fair: i.e. looking at 14 yr old's profiles to vet them for school admission

17. Invasion of students'