Social Media & Nursing - Concept Map by Yasmin Mohammad Hafiz

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Social Media & Nursing - Concept Map by Yasmin Mohammad Hafiz by Mind Map: Social Media & Nursing - Concept Map by Yasmin Mohammad Hafiz

1. Advantages

1.1. Education/Information

1.1.1. Innovative ways to share ideas

1.1.2. Different sources of information

1.1.3. Updated information

1.2. Time Effective / Faster Updates

1.2.1. Faster ways to search information

1.2.2. Most recent information

1.3. Stay Connected With Others (Emails etc)

1.3.1. Easy to keep in touch with lecturers

1.3.2. Easy to communicate with other students

2. Conclusion

2.1. In conclusion, social networking has both advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on how the users uses it. Everyone have their own reasons to why they have these social sites, whether to keep in touch with friends, family or co workers or just for fun and post on everyday activities.


3. Impacts

3.1. Danger to students if misused

3.1.1. Job lost caused from breaching privacy acts "Mrs Rankin was the best patient I've had and she was in room 2A in ward C16. She's so awesome" This is breach of privacy if it's posted on Facebook or any social networking sites.

3.2. Updated job information

3.2.1. Students can be updated with current jobs advertised There could be an advertisement on certain networking sites that could advertise job openings.

3.3. Updated information from lecturers

3.3.1. Keeping contact with lecturers/ Assignments updates Lecturers and student can communicate via emails and blogs to discuss certain ideas etc

3.4. Breach of confidentiality

3.4.1. Mentioning patient names on social networking sites Mentioning where the patients is, what's wrong with them, their death etc is breach of confidentiality especially after posting them on social sites.

4. Introduction

4.1. Social networking has become more and more common in society today. Everyone uses it to keep in touch whether near or far, updating daily activities and for many other reasons. Unaware of the fact that these social networking sites are not just the source of entertainment but also beneficial in various fields. Although there are many advantages, these social medias also comes with disadvantages that can ruin reputations and also breach the privacy acts. These advantages and disadvantages plays an important role for student nurses to understand in order to use these sites to their benefits instead of misusing it.



5. Risks/Disadvantages

5.1. Breach of privacy

5.1.1. Posting information of the patients/Networking dangers

5.2. False information

5.2.1. Non-factual information can be uploaded

5.3. Time consuming if misused

5.3.1. Copying other people's work