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This is the Moment by Mind Map: This is the Moment
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This is the Moment

Climate Change


Ice melt

Carbon in atmosphere


Co-op housing

Housing co‑operatives provide not-for-profit housing for their members. The members do not own equity in their housing. If they move, their home is returned to the co‑op, to be offered to another individual or family who needs an affordable home. Some co‑op households pay a reduced monthly rent (housing charge) geared to their income. Government funds cover the difference between this payment and the co‑op’s full charge. Other households pay the full monthly charge based on cost. Because co‑ops charge their members only enough to cover costs, repairs, and reserves, they can offer housing that is much more affordable than average private sector rental costs. Co‑op housing also offers security. Co‑ops are controlled by their members who have a vote in decisions about their housing. There is no outside landlord. -from the Cooperative Housing Federation (CHF) of Canada website

Credit Unions


Canadian Co-operative Association

The Canadian Co-operative Association is a national cooperative federation for Canadian co-operatives headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. CCA represents over 2000 co-operatives and credit unions with 9 million members. CCA member organisations come from many sectors of the economy, including finance, insurance, agri-food and supply, wholesale and retail, housing, health and the service sector. CCA provides leadership to promote, develop, and unite co-operatives and credit unions for the benefit of people in Canada and around the world. CCA collaborates with the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité, its francophone sister organization in Canada.

Independent media

International solidarity

Women's Equality

Affordable Childcare


Indigenous Rights


Idle No More

Being an Ally

Migrant rights


This is where a short, informative description about this work would go.

No One is Illegal

Sexual Diversity rights

Gender Diversity rights

Anti-Oppression Framework

Power & Privilege

Being an Ally



Labour history

Local economy

Working class solidarity

Temporary foreign workers





Income equality

Living wage

Affordable Childcare

Social enterprise (??)

Food security

Community building

Arts ??make own bubble for arts/culture

Community gardens

Popular education

Public spaces


Food security


Resource extraction

Tar sands



Tax reform

Re-imagining/re-framing wealth

Different economic systems/theories

Social enterprise

Legal activism

Electoral politics/ Democratic justice






Cultivating the human spirit


Community health

Focus on prevention

Harm reduction

Peer support

Progressive Work in Canada: Connecting Us Through Solidarity and Hope

Ability righs

Accessibility audits/resources

Addressing ableism

Peer advocacy/local organizing