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Freedom Writers by Mind Map: Freedom Writers


1.1. (6)What does Ms. G do when she finds the picture of Jamal? What historical event does she bring up?

1.1.1. Answer: She think about the story of Anne Frank. She tried to explains to her students that the difference of color or race is not a reason to fight and don't like another person. She explains to her students the story of Anne Frank and she give them the book.

1.2. (7)Why is this event relative to her students?

1.2.1. Answer: Her students are in a gang. Some gang have his religion or his race so they are rival with another gang. When a guy do a drawing who represents Jamal with a very big lips, she remeber the story of Anne Frank when the jews was hated by the other people and represent with a big nose. Is the portarays of their own world.

1.3. (8)Miep Gies, the woman who hid Anne Frank, is a hero to Ms. Gruwell’s students. What does Miep Gies mean when she tells Ms. Gruwell’s students, “You are heroes everyday.”?

1.3.1. Answer: I think she wants to say them that the fight they have with the life to live everyday is an act of bravery. They leave in a difficult district and they have to fight if they didn't want die. Miep knows the story of the students because Ms. Gruwell say it to her so Miep know they are brave.

1.4. (9) Why is Eva so affected by the ending of Anne Frank’s diary?

1.4.1. Answer: I think Eva associate her life with the life of Anne Frank. Anne Frank is her heroe and when she knows Anne Frank died she knows that the efforts that Anne do to survive was conducted to the dead. Eva fight every day to survive like Anne Frank and she didn't want to die young like Anne.


2.1. (1)What is Eva’s (the Hispanic girl) view of herself and her “people”?

2.1.1. Answer: "Her people" are volient and racist for no reason. She realized that she was violent because she wanted to take vengeance because his father is in jail for nothing.

2.2. (2)What does the scene with the Cambodian girl and Eva show? What does it convey? What is the message?

2.2.1. Answer: They are finally friends even if they have different origins and even if they aren't in the same "gang". They have somme common points.

2.3. (3)Why does Eva “hate white people”?

2.3.1. Answer: Because she says that white people want their respect like it's for free. And she hates them because they think they own the world.

2.4. (4)According to Eva, why was her father arrested?

2.4.1. Answer: Because the cops thought he killed the neighbour but it wasn't him. They had no proof that it wasn't him and Eva knew it wasn't his dad that killed the guy because she saw it from her own eyes.

2.5. (5) What makes Eva choose to “go against her people” in the courtroom? Do you think this was a good decision? How do her family and friends react?

2.5.1. Answer: I think It was a good idea even if "her people" aren't happy with it. Her friends from school are happy And she did what she was suposed to do.

3. QUESTIONS PART I -B) THE STUDENTS Valérie Miletich-Figueroa

3.1. (6)Think about your own school or out-of-school activities. Are youth respectful of each other’s differences? Are there problems similar to those in Wilson High? If so, what steps can you take to initiate change?

3.1.1. Answer: I don't think so, but there's always racist poeple and a lot of children are victims of bullied just because they have a different color, race or religion . We're not in 1990 anymore, now everyone is treated like everyone else and poeple have to understand that.

3.2. (7) Ms. Gruwell is the first teacher to show trust and respect for the “at risk” students at Wilson High. How does Erin Gruwell demonstrate this? Why are some students more resistant to trusting each other?

3.2.1. Answer: Erin was the only one who believes in their students. She tought that she could finally make a difference in this class. She was ready to help them. She took her time to read the story of everyone. She bought some books for their students. She organized activities to encourage them to continue their efforts. She invites Miep Gies at school.

3.3. (8) Why is trust such an important component of a teacher-student relationship?

3.3.1. Answer: It's really important, because if a student don't trust his teacher, they will feel uncomfortable and they will never talk or ask questions. It's the same thing for teachers, if they don't trust their students, they wouldn't teach propely and it could make violence.

3.4. (9)How do the classmates learn to trust one another? How does reading and writing initiate this change?

3.4.1. Answer: Before, they trust nobody because they tought that no one could understand them, but when they realise that others lives diffucult situation either, they start trusting others. Writting was a way for them to say everything about their problems

3.5. (10)How are relationships healthier when the individuals involved have mutual respect?

3.5.1. Answer: They treat them well, they have a good communication, they take care of them, they can trust them, they are honest, they support them, etc.


4.1. (1)Why does Ms. Gruwell’s students hate and resent her at first?

4.1.1. Answer because she was a withe girl, she was a new teacher. She was dress too well and she came from another place.

4.2. (2)Most of the teachers at Wilson High do not dress in formal attire. Why do you think Ms. Gruwell chooses to wear business suits and pearls to class? What impression does this make? How do clothes, accessories, and make-up affect how other’s perceive you?

4.2.1. Answer she decided to be dress pretty well to look like a teacher and she seems responsible. If you don't dress well, people will judge you for you personality but if your dress well, people will think that your a good person and think that your are responsible

4.3. (3) How does Ms. Gruwell's upbringing, appearance, and attitude contrast with those of her students?

4.3.1. She did games with her students to know who they are and to know a little bit about their life. She also make their students wrote in a book averyday. She also make them reed the book Anne Frank too her students.

4.4. (4) Why did Erin Gruwell (Ms. G) decide to teach instead of being a lawyer?

4.4.1. Answer because the job of being a teacher was not enough to pay her house and her personal stuff

4.5. (5) Describe Ms. G.s husband. What is his attitude towards her teaching career?

4.5.1. Answer he didn't aprouve the new job of her wife because she spent to much time at school and she tried too much too help her student.


5.1. (1)Why are the students filled with such anger at the beginning of the movie? Do you think their anger is reasonable?

5.1.1. Answer: I think their anger is to much, I can understand that somes students have problems outside of the school but it doesn’t mean that they have to be super anger to the new teacher whose trying to teach them to be someone for the future and they don’t understand that, they just want to fight and to be meen to other students.

5.2. (2) Why are the students so unwilling to associate with anyone outside their ethnic/racial groups? Where does this intolerance come from?

5.2.1. Answer: The students hate white person and there’s gang who want territory and they fight each other for the respect or for their life because they have a lot of problems in their family or with their friends so this is why they are so unwilling to associate whit anyone outside theirs etnic racial groups.

5.3. (3) Why aren’t Ms. Gruwell’s students motivated to succeed in school? What outside factors affect their ability to learn?

5.3.1. Answer: They are not motivated because they’re always in a fight, they have to fight for there life, they want to have respect and all day they fight outside and doing things wrongs so that’s why they’re not interessed to learn.

5.4. (4)Why do some of Ms. Gruwell’s students believe they won’t live past age 18?

5.4.1. Answer: Because you don’t know some day if you will have to fight or you will be dead because they're is always a gang who want to kill somebody.

5.5. (5) What would you do to break the ethnic and racial barriers in Mrs. Gruwell’s classroom?

5.5.1. Answer: I will try to do somes exercise each other and talk with the students alone to try to understand his or her life of each other about why they’re so anger and why they keep fighting each other for respect, territory and for their life because someone has a gun and it's really problematic when a student have that things in te school.