Video workflow

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Video workflow by Mind Map: Video workflow

1. Briefing

1.1. Objetivo

1.2. Contexto

1.2.1. Antecedentes

1.2.2. Audiencia Interna Departamento Rango de edad promedio Demographics Externa

1.2.3. Pantalla TV Web Vlog Landing Page Podcast Streaming Social Networks In store / Waiting room Laptop (One on one) Mobile Cinema Conference Meeting DVD

1.2.4. Tipo de video Customer Reference Videos Video Customer Testimonials Success Stories Video Case Study Man-in-the-street Interviews Customer Presentations. Product and Service Promotion Product Presentations Product Demonstrations Product Reviews Visual Stories Corporate Video Corporate Overview Executive Presentations Staff Presentations Corporate facilities or equipment tour Annual Report / Review Video Signature and Video Introduction Video White paper Training and support video Training Overnight expert videos (Sales Support) Just-in-time learning Support Post sale support and maintenance videos Website FAQ Video Live, two-way video Internal Communications Internal Communications Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications. Employee orientation Health, Legal & Safety Advertising , marketing and promotion Commercials Viral Video Email Video Infomercials Content Marketing Landing pages and micro sites Interactive Video Branded Entertainment and Sponsored Video Behind the Scenes Video Video Magazine Market research, focus groups and polling PR Support and Community Relations Video Press Releases PR Support Materials Community Relations Video Corporate Talk Show / Interviews EPK (electronic press kit) Event Video Event Presentation video Multicamera Livestream Round table Sessions Q&A Expert sessions. Other Uses of Video Recruitment Videos VLOG In Store Video Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video Mobile Video

1.3. Mensaje

1.3.1. Keypoints

1.3.2. Interlocutores

1.4. Mandatorios

1.4.1. Idioma

1.4.2. Budget

1.4.3. Tiempos

1.4.4. Guías de marca

2. Scripting

2.1. Estructura

2.2. Guión

2.3. Guión Técnico

2.4. Storyboard

2.5. Animatic

2.6. Desglose (inventario)

2.7. Cotización

2.8. Timetable

3. Pre-producción

4. Producción

4.1. Diseño Gráfico

4.2. Fotografía

4.3. Video

4.4. Audio

4.5. Animación

4.6. Programación

5. Post-producción

5.1. Edición

5.2. Montaje

5.3. Colorización

6. DeBrief

6.1. Calificar

6.1.1. Calidad Cumplimiento de objetivos Valores de producción Historia Guión Dirección Dirección de Fotografía Dirección de Arte Maquillaje Vestuario Producción Edición Animación Audio Locución Música Diseño Gráfico

6.1.2. Servicio Cumplimiento Tiempo de respuesta Satisfacción del cliente

6.1.3. Precio

6.2. Rentabilidad

6.3. Lecciones aprendidas