Teaching of Reading

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Teaching of Reading by Mind Map: Teaching of Reading

1. Independent Reading Workshop

1.1. Reading Records

2. Book Club

2.1. It is formed in the spring

2.2. Try to let student read one book over a short period of time

2.3. Try to let student read across genres

3. Read Aloud

3.1. It happens several times per day with 15 mins for each

3.2. Raise questions in the middle

3.3. Physical performance in the middle

3.4. Peer discussion in the middle

3.5. or, group discussion

4. Teacher-student conference Structure (during reading workshop)

4.1. Research about "where they are"

4.2. Compliment/Support

4.3. Decide teaching points

4.4. Teach new reading strategies

4.5. Link to previous strategies

5. Minilesson

5.1. Introduce the book/plot/new strategies via demonstration

6. Group Conversation

6.1. It happens in the middle of read aloud

7. Reading Partnership

7.1. Match students by reading levels

8. Specific Reading Strategies

8.1. Envision: Visualize the plot

8.2. Prediction: Predict the next plot

8.3. Connection: Connect to the previous plot/secondary characters

8.4. Critical Thinking: Find the hidden plot; Find the pressures around characters; Find author's "prejudice" woven in the story