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Air Pollution by Mind Map: Air Pollution
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Air Pollution

What is Air Pollution

Types of Air Pollution


Smog (smoke + fog)

Air pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere by substance that can, either directly or indirectly, impact on human health and welfare.

Cause of Pollution

Human Cuases

Industry, Industries release vast amounts of pollutants such as smoke and dust into the air we breathe

Vehicles, Vehicles emit harmful gases into the atmosphere including Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide

Deforestation/ Construction, Clearing of land for building is potentially harmful to the air we breathe, because without trees the Carbon Dioxide in the air is not filtered

Natural Causes

Bushfires, During a bushfire smoke from the burning is released into the air

Volcanic Eruptions, During an eruption crazy amounts of volcanic ash and dust are released into the air


Human consequences

Health Issues, Could lead to difficulty in breathing and itchy eyes

Environmental consequences

Acid Rain

Elements of Pollution