What is Reliability and Validity

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What is Reliability and Validity by Mind Map: What is Reliability and Validity

1. Kubizan& Borich.2010

2. Reliability "refers to stability of a test score over repeated administration." (Kubiszan & Borich. 2010.p 349

2.1. Test and Retesting

2.1.1. Alternative Form or Equivalence

2.1.2. Internal consistency

3. Validity "What does it suppose to measure ?" (Kubiszan & , 2010. p.329

3.1. Content Validity Evidence

3.2. Criterion-Related Evidence

3.3. Predictive Validity Evidence

4. Validity test items

4.1. Is the test valid ?

4.2. Does test have intended purpose?

4.2.1. Does the test is doing what it is suppose to do?