ALPro Linkage Issues

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ALPro Linkage Issues by Mind Map: ALPro Linkage Issues

1. Problem GIO Links

1.1. DLEAM

1.1.1. No product categories configured

1.2. CLD4

1.2.1. Strange AM/PM Product Splitting

1.3. CLD4H

1.3.1. Strange AM/PM Product Splitting

1.4. GBW1A,J,Y,O

1.4.1. Eldorado ALPro Configuration Issue (known)

1.5. SBW1A,J,Y,O

1.5.1. Eldorado ALPro Configuration Issue (known)

1.6. SGP5R

1.6.1. Missing from product catalog

1.7. HBW1K

1.7.1. ALPro to Sales Title mismatch, obeying sales sheet

1.8. HBW1KE

1.8.1. ALPro to sales product name mismatch, obeying sales sheet

1.9. HLW1

1.9.1. No standard adult/child price categories

1.10. HWW5

1.10.1. Missing from product catalog

1.11. HWW5X

1.11.1. Missing from product catalog

2. Direct Connect Issues Reported

2.1. EBG

2.1.1. LAS - Eldorado Helicopter Adventure known alpro linking issue with eldorado product EBG Event ID: 2061

2.1.2. LAS - Over the Edge Inventory query to ALPRO times out EBG Event ID: 2065