Tests Of Articulation

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Tests Of Articulation by Mind Map: Tests Of Articulation

1. Goldman-Fristoe

1.1. Most widely used test in the field A systematic measure of articulation of consonant sounds for children and young adults. Ages: 2-0 through 21-11 Administration Time: 5 to 15 minutes for Sounds-in-Words Section, varied for other two sections. Scores/Interpretation: Age-based standard scores, percentile ranks, and test-age equivalents for Sounds-in-Words, with separate norms for females and males


2.1. Ages: 2-6 to 8-11 Testing Time: 15 - 20 minutes articulation and phonology, provides standard scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and a Critical Difference Score

2.1.1. http://ags.pearsonassessments.com

3. Peabody Picture Vocabulary

3.1. A wide-range measure of receptive vocabulary for standard English, and a screening test of verbal ability. Ages: 2-6 through 90+ Administration Time: 10-15 minutes Scores/Interpretation: Age-based standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15), percentiles, NCEs, stanines, and age equivalents.


4.1. PPVT-III features:

4.2. Provide better client interaction

4.3. Clear black-and-white line drawings

4.4. No reading or writing required of examinee

4.5. Items reviewed by a multicultural panel

4.6. asel tabbed for quick access to item sets

4.7. Many illustrations for better gender and ethnic balance

4.8. Basals and ceilings established by sets, not by consecutive items

5. S-CAT

5.1. Three-part program helps speech-language pathologists gain greater precision and efficiency in the clinical management of articulation and phonological disorders.      

5.1.1. High Priority

5.1.2. Medium Priority

5.1.3. Low Priority

5.2. Task Completion indicators

5.2.1. Not Started

5.2.2. 25% complete

5.2.3. 50% complete

5.2.4. 75% complete

5.2.5. Done

5.3. Flags and Icons

5.3.1. Flags

5.3.2. Icons

5.4. Determines the exact pretreatment status for any particular phoneme or phonological process

5.5. Evaluate progress during treatment

6. Expressive Vocabulary Test

6.1. The (EVT) is an individually administered, norm-referenced test of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval.

6.2. Ages: 2-6 to 90+

6.3. Administration Time: 15 minutes

6.4. Scores/Interpretation: Age-based standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15), percentiles, NCEs, stanines, and test-age equivalents.

6.5. Make direct comparisons of receptive and expressive vocabulary with PPVT-III

6.6. Quick and easy untimed administration

6.7. ASSIST scoring software offers a range of reports and scoring formats

6.8. Quick measure of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval