Gr 4 Waste

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Gr 4 Waste by Mind Map: Gr 4 Waste

1. Actions

1.1. Refine our recycling program at our school

1.2. Have students give presentations to other classrooom

1.3. Water filtration project

1.4. Composting awareness

1.5. Create a community project

1.5.1. Architectural designs

1.5.2. Compost and community garden

1.5.3. Food to food bank

1.5.4. Class/school clean up, adpot a block/park

1.5.5. Action Plan for Community Action

2. Issues to explore

2.1. Impact of Landfills in our community

2.2. Impact of waste on water

2.3. Impact on ecosystems

2.4. Impact of resource exploitation on our community

2.4.1. Oil Sands and Jobs

2.4.2. The waste that it creates

2.5. Air pollution

2.6. Hazardous waste

2.7. Costs associated with waste management

2.8. Different types of packaging and their impact on the environment

3. Community connections

3.1. Water filtration plant

3.2. Community waste management

3.3. Bring in a speaker from one of Calgary's Landfills

3.4. Worms @ work

3.5. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

3.6. Create a garden with the compost collected throughout the year.

3.7. Free the children

3.8. Turn on the Tap

3.9. RDL Africa project: presentation on digging wells/clean water

4. Workflow

4.1. What action can I take?

4.1.1. Define action and what is an action plan What is realistic for us? Looking at different examples Doing some research

4.2. Key elements of the plan

4.2.1. What is the environmental issue? Address the issue.

4.2.2. What are the consequences of this issue?

4.2.3. Possible solutions and roadblocks to your solution

4.2.4. Predict what will happen if we don't make changes?

4.2.5. The outcome of their plan - positive and negative conseqences

4.2.6. What is your role?

4.2.7. Connect the key understandings to your essential question and plan. Are you answering the key understandings with your action plan? Provide evidence.

4.2.8. What is the social action? Movie Podcast Presentation Who is your audience - community based, school based? Forum Press conference Fundraising Commercial Website - blog Newsletter - published articles Create a play - host an assembly

4.3. Research

4.3.1. Water filtration

4.3.2. Recycling depot

4.3.3. Restaurants

4.3.4. Schools

4.3.5. Videoconferences