How to Start a Synth Meetup

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How to Start a Synth Meetup by Mind Map: How to Start a Synth Meetup

1. Come up with a charter

1.1. Name

1.2. 2 hour agenda for the meetup

2. Find a venue

2.1. with good food and drink

2.2. an isolated room where you can make some noise without disturbing venue guests not at meetup

3. Get a account

3.1. Straight forward meetup name to make it easy to find you

3.2. Photo for meetup that is eye catching

3.3. Use keywords

3.3.1. synthesizers

3.3.2. electronic music

3.3.3. experimental music

3.3.4. ....

3.4. Pricing

4. Be Self-Contained

4.1. Extension chord

4.2. Power stips

4.3. Projector

4.4. Screen

4.5. Small PA

4.6. Cables

5. How to build audiance

5.1. Make it about food + Drink + Synths

5.2. Regular predictable meeting times

5.2.1. Example 2nd Tuesday, 7-9

5.2.2. Consistant set of locations

5.3. Have clear themes

5.3.1. Boulder synth meetup has a different theme each time. Checkout this map...