LID Camp Board

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LID Camp Board by Mind Map: LID Camp Board

1. President

1.1. Responsibilities

1.1.1. Runs LID board meetings

1.1.2. Create the agenda of board meetings

1.1.3. Work with coordinator to create camp meeting agenda

1.1.4. Representative of LID Camp at external organizations events, board meetings, etc.

1.1.5. With coordinator, present at press conference

1.1.6. Respond to inquiries

2. Internal Programming

2.1. Responsibilities

2.1.1. Helps coordinator with Counselor Training in terms of camper scenario training, planning retreat and other bonding events

2.1.2. Reviews workshops to ensure that they meet camp standards

2.1.3. Plan reunion events

2.1.4. Work with coordinator to ensure that counselors are on task

3. Marketing/PR

3.1. Responsibilities

3.1.1. Creates all promotional material including and not limited to counselor and camper recruitment flyers

3.1.2. Maintain website, online registration, and other social media outlets

3.1.3. Rehearses publicity training with counselors for camper recruitment

3.1.4. Determines the strategy for flyering

3.1.5. Leads the efforts for camper recruitment by assigning counselors to flyer at different locations and events

3.1.6. Establish the schedule/ plan of action for publicity efforts

3.1.7. Creates presentations for President and Coordinator when needed (press conference, external orgs board meetings)

4. Finance

4.1. Responsibilities

4.1.1. Apply for Grants

4.1.2. Help External look for Sponsorships

4.1.3. Manages and is the main signatory for the bank account

4.1.4. Review and authorizes all outgoing payments and reiumbursements

4.1.5. Record detailed expenses and revenue

4.1.6. Keep and scan all receipts and checks and record in the budget

4.1.7. Determine the budget and prices of camp for the current year

4.1.8. Report to President and the rest of board updates to the budget

4.1.9. Work with potential sponsors

5. Coordinator

5.1. Responsibilities

5.1.1. Determines the theme for camp

5.1.2. With president, create meeting agenda for counselor meetings

5.1.3. Plan retreat

5.1.4. If appropriate, attend external organizations' meetings with President

5.1.5. Establish good relations with each and every counselor

5.1.6. Runs counselor meetings

5.1.7. With President, present at press conference

5.1.8. With Finance, work out transportation logistics for camp

6. External Programming

6.1. Responsibilities

6.1.1. Establish relations with external organizations

6.1.2. Lead in counselor and camper recruitment

6.1.3. With approval of the president, determines the location of camp for the next year

6.1.4. Serves as the main contact between LID Camp and the camp location

6.1.5. Looks for speakers for camp

6.1.6. Contact media outlets (newspapers, TV, and online) for awareness and publicity Maintain those relationship for future

6.1.7. Identifies potential sponsors and direct communication to Finance

7. Secretary

7.1. Responsibilities

7.1.1. Manage deadlines regarding payments and

7.1.2. Maintain the overall organization of the board

7.1.3. Maintain policies and procedures

7.1.4. Record attendance and minutes of both board and counselor meetings

7.1.5. Create post report of camp

7.1.6. Know the specific policies and guidelines of the contact

7.1.7. Presides in the absence of the President