Increase transactions for goods and services

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Increase transactions for goods and services by Mind Map: Increase transactions for goods and services

1. More people want goods and services

1.1. Population increase

1.2. Economically activate the poor

1.3. Life expectancy increase

2. Greater capacity to provide goods and services

2.1. Economically activate the poor

2.2. Population increase

2.3. Women, children, old people work

2.4. Supply of capital increases

2.5. New innovations improve productivity

3. Greater variety of goods and services available

3.1. Complements (accessories)

3.2. Substitutes (upgrades)

3.3. Innovations (new technologies)

4. People buy more previously available goods and services

4.1. Marketing

4.2. New uses found for existing products

5. Buying and selling becomes easier and/or faster

5.1. Lower transaction costs in existing markets

5.2. New markets opened up

6. People spend money instead of hoarding it

6.1. Consumers expect future access to capital, jobs

6.2. Companies expect future access to customers, investors, cash flow

7. Impending market disruptions are avoided

7.1. Systematic financial risk mitigated

7.2. Risk of man-made disaster reduced

7.3. Risk of natural disaster reduced