Cell Division


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Cell Division by Mind Map: Cell Division

1. Division

1.1. Interphase

1.1.1. Grow and carry out life functions for survival

1.1.2. Non-Reproductive Stage

1.1.3. May stay in interphase for individuals life span

1.2. Mitosis

1.2.1. Cells are reproducing

1.2.2. external signals trigger

1.2.3. preperation for mitosis begins during Interphase where chromosomes duplicate

1.2.4. The idea is to sort chromosomes into 2 identical sets

1.3. Cytokinesis

1.3.1. cytoplsm and cell membrane divide up between two nuclei

1.3.2. cells returns to interphase

1.4. The importance of Mitosis and Cytokinesis

1.4.1. Increases Cell Number

1.4.2. Makes replacement cells

1.4.3. Cancer results when cell reproduction is out of control