International Tourist Types

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International Tourist Types by Mind Map: International Tourist Types

1. • BACKPACKER TRAVELLER Backpacker travellers stay at least one night inbackpacker accommodation, hostels or other budget accommodation. Some or all travel arrangements may have been paid for before arriving in New Zealand. No arrangements are part of a package. E.G. YHA accommodation, hostels etc…

2. a) Package Traveller (13%) Package travellers are not part of a tour group. They must have paid for their international airfares, accommodation and at least two other items (i.e. domestic airfares, other transport, meals and sightseeing) before arriving in New Zealand as part of a package.

3. b) Tour Group Traveller (7%) Tour group travellers like to have their entire holiday planned and will travel with the same tour group throughout their holiday. Most tour group travellers will have booked their tour prior to arriving in New Zealand. E.G. Connections, Contiki Tours.

4. • FREE INDEPENDENT TRAVELLER (56%) These travellers may travel alone or with friends and family. They are not part of a tour group or coach tour. No arrangements were paid for before